Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Beatles Conspiracy - Is Paul Dead?

I have for a long time been intrigued by the Beatles and the Paul is Dead phenomena. Whilst I would never wish anyone dead, I do wish this particular story were true. It is by far my most favourite conspiracy theory.

My problem is I don’t believe it. The practicalities involved in finding, rehearsing, perfecting and surgically altering a replacement McCartney, whilst at the same time managing to maintain a media and news blackout are mind-blowingly staggering.

However, scratch the surface and something is definitely going on. The clues on the record covers, the backmasked reverse messages in the songs and the people the Beatles were mixing with all point to something taking place.

The question is, and remains, what?

The purpose of this blog is to explore that and to present my own theories. My YouTube channel presents a series of films examining this subject and I hope my blogs will develop this further. 

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