Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Sergeant Temple

Inspired by another enigmatic tweet by the excellent @PredictiveBeat I have been perusing my Sgt. Pepper LP cover with fresh eyes, renewed by the potential for synchronicities and curiosities thrown-up by photo overlays.

Whilst it certainly does appear that they are trying to tell us where "the doors" are, I also noticed another strange curio. Or two. Or three.
Pepper/Cut-out overlay
Firstly, the Sgt. Pepper Beatles are contained nicely within the frame of Sgt. Pepper/Babington. Secondly, the old, mop-top, wax Beatles are encompassed by the cut-out 'fake' moustache.

But, returning to the fact that the Sergeant stripes appear to point to the divine Miss Dors, they also seem to serve to obscure her and highlight the fact that she is flanked by two of the Shirley Temples.

Accordingly, I googled Sergeant Temple and discovered that Shirley Temple married a guy called John Agar. Agar, it appears, was a sergeant in the United States Army Air Corps.

Sgt. Temple
Agar, thanks to his marriage to Shirley Temple, managed to embark upon an acting career, during which he appeared in a film called Along the Great Divide where he played a character called Billy Shear, who dies, unsuprisingly. 

Coincidence? Probably, but god knows you couldn't make this shit up. However, is it a coincidence that if you overlay the cut-out over the lyrics from the Pepper back-cover it points to the line, from A Day in the Life, naturally; that states "I saw a film today, oh boy. The English army had just won the war".

Lieutenant General James Melvin Babington, the muse for Sgt. Pepper, fought in the 16th Queen’s Lancers in the Second Boer War and the First Calvary Brigade in South Africa.

So, once again, good work by @PredictiveBeat, as Michael Caine once said you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

Babington and his mighty sword
P.S. It is curious that our moustachioed hero should be sitting in front of a pair of twin pillars with a begloved lap.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Overlay Hotel

It is a truism that when you start looking for something you tend to find it; however, the more one looks at the Sgt. Pepper cover the more one does indeed find. Thankfully, it is not just me that finds a series of strange coincidences, happenstances, synchronicities and codes embedded within the most iconic record sleeve of all time. 

Despite not having produced a video in many years my old YouTube channel suddenly started receiving a number of interesting, and cryptic, comments pertaining to Pepper, and it is these comments that were the inspiration for this, and hopefully future, articles. 

It is always wonderful when somebody takes the time to read and comment on one’s work, even more life-affirming though when they pick up the threads and start looking for their own answers to the questions posed. Fresh eyes always see things differently and identify new areas for investigation and these comments – literally a deluge in this case – pose a whole new set of questions. Not least of these being; when exactly did the planning for Pepper begin and is it an example of predictive programming?

Here is one of the original comments: AH! LOOK AT ALL THE "LONELY" PEOPLE! (AH = 1+8 = 9) Was "Eleanor Rigby", from August 1966, (ten months BEFORE "Sgt Pepper") setting us up for a record and cover that had already been prepared? Was Paul giving us an instruction to look at the LONELY (hearts club) people a year before we first saw them gathered together? An anagram of "Ah, look at all the lonely people" is: ALLEN POE, LEO, HALL: LOOK AT THE "YP". Poe, Leo Gorcey (later removed) and, next to him, Huntz Hall all appear on the back row of the Sgt Pepper crowd, aligned. If you draw a line on the Pepper sleeve drum skin that takes you from the "Y" to the "P" (the one that sits directly below the dead centre of the cover, which has been cited before by Redwel), and then beyond, it takes you to.... KARL MARX / HG WELLS Again! When Poe, Hall, the "Y" and the "P" are connected, it creates a perfect, inverted right-angle triangle. That means that there are possiblyTHREE markers on Sgt Pepper alone that take us to Marx/Wells point, as well as those later on "Maxwells Silver Hammer". Behind the scenes, is it possible that the team that assembled and steered The Beatles were working at least a year ahead of schedule?

Which is, I am sure you will agree, a staggering possibility, but is it one that can be validated in any meaningful way? 

Some time ago I wrote about the fact that if you overlay a compass over the Sgt. Pepper cover, then, at exactly 33°, you will find both Karl Marx and H.G. Wells, who were both 33° Freemasons. Now, via Karl Townam’s anagram of ‘Ah, look at all the lonely people’ we can discover another encoded reference to Marx Wells.

33° Masons at exactly 33°

If you extend this compass line slightly, down through the Pepper drum-skin, through the ‘P’ and ‘Y’ of Lonely Hearts we can create an axis for Karl’s right-sided triangle that is completed through the anagrammatic list of cast members – Allen Poe, Leo (Gorcey) and (Huntz) Hall. 

So, by looking at the all the lonely people, as instructed by Eleanor Rigby (who lived in a dream a la ‘Yesterday’, which was formed in a dream), we can find a link to the very people mentioned, albeit anagrammatically, in the line ‘Ah! Look at all the lonely people’. 

Also, if we look again at the extended 33° line we see that it goes through both ALBERT Stubbins and Huntz HALL – ‘Now They Know How Many holes it takes to fill the ALBERT HALL’. A line, of course, from ‘A Day in the Life’.

Karl further suggests that there may be a further link with Marx Wells via the, almost, punning title of ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ (Marx / Wells Silver Hammer) from the Abbey Road LP. The lyrics to this song mention PC 31; Character 31 from the list of the Pepperati is, of course, Karl Marx. So, is PC 31 Karl Marx?

‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ is a tale about a chap called Maxwell Edison who has a penchant for killing people by hitting them on the head with a silver hammer. Interestingly, a short H G Wells story called The Reconciliation is a tale about a chap called Temple who kills an old friend by hitting him on the head with a boxing glove filled with a whale bone.

Now, if we draw a line from Wells down to the Shirley TEMPLE doll, we find it goes through a bloodied glove!

Our friend Karl suggests one more clue that could tie Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road together. He suggests that an anagram of ‘Polythene Pam’ is ‘Open the Map YL’. So, if you draw a line from the "Y" and either of the "L’s" on the centre of the drum skin it follows the same 33° line again, to Marx/Wells.

Finally, if one should overlay the Abbey Road cover over its Sgt. Pepper counterpart we find the Abbey Road Beatles walking right over the Beatles grave from Sgt. Pepper.

Pepper Road - Lonely He Die
I have long contended that the Sgt. Pepper cover is a treasure map, but is it really? Well, we shall return to the map thing henceforth, but, in the meantime, Karl tells me he will be publishing his own blog entitled It's Getting Very Near the End shortly, that will reveal more of his exciting discoveries and he is tweeting prolifically @PredictiveBeat

May I suggest that you follow? 

Monday, 5 June 2017

Peering behind the Temple Doors

Whilst watching a fascinating Beatles documentary this Saturday, (Sgt. Pepper's Musical Revolution: BBC2, 03/06/17) I was treated to perhaps the clearest image yet of our old friend from the RAOB, or Legionnaire from the order of the Buffaloes to give him his correct Sgt. Pepper title.

1197 - the number of the beast?
The image appears to be from a behind-the-scenes look at the Sgt. Pepper photo shoot - but is not an image I have seen before.

Traditionally we are used to seeing this mysterious dude popping up from behind the (Shirley) Temple (Diana) Do(o)rs. 

His appearance is somewhat of a mystery and may be a tribute to John Lennon's Uncle Charlie who was apparently a member.

However, the mystery man may also be displaying a masonic apron and the latest picture reveals that his fez displays the number 1197. I am not aware of an RAOB Lodge No: 1197, but there is a Masonic Lodge, Nyanza Lodge No 1197, based in Somerset. Could this be relevant?

Alternatively, the mirrored drum-skin bears the legend 1 ONE IX HE DIE (1 1 9 He Die) clue. Could this be connected?

Ultimately, I know not what this all means. But, I saw it, grabbed a screenshot of it, and now I hope someone may be able to provide a coherent answer.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Dead men tell no tales

Is it a coincidence or simple synchronicity that Paul McCartney’s appearance as a pirate in the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie should be slated for release in the UK on the self-same day that Apple Corps release the 50th anniversary edition of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Possibly not, methinks, as I believe that there has always been a hidden buccaneer element to all things Pepper.

McCartney, according to IMDB, appears as Jail Guard 2 and adorns a promotional poster in full privateer pomp with a hand of cards held conspiratorially close to his chest. The Dead Man’s Hand one assumes as, as the poster says, Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Billy Bones?

Could this be confirmation that on this propitious date the truth about Sgt. Pepper and its attendant ‘Treasure Island’ coded clues will be revealed?

Possibly, is the best and only truthful answer I can supply, however, it does provide a very neat excuse for me to promote me old tome, The Sgt. Pepper Code, once again, especially as it has been revised in anticipation of the album’s fiftieth anniversary.