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The Beatles Conspiracy of Everything

Out in the weird and wonderful hinterland that is the world-wide-web there is a blog piece entitled ‘Did something go wrong in the 1960s?’, the content of which is not entirely relevant to the theme of this article, however, attached to it in the form of an ‘anonymous’ comment is the following remark….

Anonymous said...The police and authorities knew already in the early 60's that drugs would be a major problem in the near future. They were preparing for it, but it went wrong somewhere, they weren't able to stem the tide.

    I think drugs played a major role in the demise of the disciplined and ordered society I grew up in. Prior to this the only problem was the abject poverty, creating problems that should never had existed.

    The liners and the new airliners were now allowing much increased travel and more drugs were flooding into the country.

    I used to model for Harley Street specialists training med-students at this time, starting in '58 as a 12 year-old. The police, led by top-cops Joe Simpson and Shirley Becke, used to supply Profs Emanuel Miller and Richard Asher with the drugs they wanted to study, and used me as a guinea-pig! There would be several off-duty coppers present to see the result and work out how to deal with an acid-head.

    But the real problem was trying to stop the influx of drugs. I'm guessing here, but the blacks flooding into Britain were finding work hard to find (and not because of colour, there WASN'T any work, half my classmates had no jobs after school in '62) and wrote home to relatives and started-up networks to import drugs and make a living selling that.

    The kids growing-up in post-war Britain, who had a job, had other values than their forbears and wanted a fun time, the 'swinging-60's' got going, the consumer society, and family-life suffered.

    Without the drugs things might have been better.

    'Big' Joe Simpson, head of the MET, suddenly died in the mid-60's, I believe (we had emigrated). He was always a front-line man, on the line with his officers out on the streets, especially if some hard-stuff was on the cards, plus all the paperwork and reports, and thus often worked 18 hour days. A heart attack in waiting.

    Maybe that made the difference. Had he lived....

Now, it is fair to say I am not the first to have been struck by the significance of the above statement as the erstwhile Dr T has also picked up upon it, nevertheless, I felt it worthy of further examination.

Whether or not our anonymous friend is alluding to a Tavistock style black-op drug programme is unclear, he (I am assuming his gender here) is, however, certainly alluding to the existence of a high-level programme of drug experimentation, and one that was being sanctioned by some very senior cops to boot.  Assuming there is a degree of truth to this comment then I have to wonder, if this was a government sponsored programme, why the Doctors would need to obtain their experimental pharmaceuticals from the police? Plausible deniability being the only feasible explanation I can arrive at. 

What, perhaps you are asking, has any of this to do with our dear friends the Beatles? Well, firstly, because of the old mop tops involvement in the promotion of both the burgeoning marijuana and LSD scenes in London at the time. McCartney, lest we forget, took it upon himself to publically out the fabs and their acid predilections despite the fact that he rarely, if ever, took the stuff. Not to mention the “fact” that he had been “introduced” to the substance by his pal Tara Browne who subsequently shuffled off this mortal coil whilst “possibly” under the influence and failed to notice that the lights had changed.

As a means of distraction at this point, I feel I should apologise for my continued use of quotation marks.  It is just that it is so difficult to discern the truth from the fiction in Beatle lore, particularly if we are reliant on the recollections of he who may have been replaced and / or his publicist Mr Miles.

Anyway, the second point is the possible Tavistock link, and the third is the naming of the good doctor, Richard Asher.  He who could have been a Beatle father-in-law if fate and a certain Miss Eastman hadn’t of intervened.
Dr Richard Asher

Journalistic integrity compels me to point out at this stage that the only connection to the Beatles and the shadowy Tavistock Institute comes from the writings of Dr John Coleman and his ‘Aquarian Conspiracy’ which implies that the Beatles were a creation of Tavistock, that all their music was ghost-written for them by Theo Adorno and that the sole purpose of their being was to corrupt the values of America.

This is a theory that I struggle with. It is not as if the Beatles were created a matter of weeks, or months, prior to their arrival on American soil. They had served a long apprenticeship whilst honing their musical skills and I don’t believe it is remotely feasible that every aspect of the Beatle career trajectory can be stage managed as is suggested.

Fair enough, I believe, are the allegations that Ed Sullivan’s staff had bussed in the waiting throng of screaming schoolgirls that greeted the Beatles upon their arrival in New York, but that is world away from the media construction that is alleged. Besides which, if the Beatles were entirely a Tavistock construct, then something went very wrong with the programming once the Beatles, John in particular, started espousing the peace and love agenda.

However, was that really his cause or was he just a puppet mouth-piece for the great hippy delusion and is it that which the Beatles were induced to promote? After all, in Lennon, we have a guy who had earlier in the same decade hit his wife, abandoned his son, regularly mocked the disabled and who had delighted in pissing on nuns from great heights.  Then he meets Yoko and from here on we have a new man. One who refuses to leave her side, who adopts her beliefs and causes, who becomes politicised and indoctrinated and one who abandons the lad culture of his youth in favour of becoming a sandal wearing, bag-inhabiting, peace and love chanting, macrobiotic rice munching long-hair guru.

Noble as these ‘war is over’ sentiments may be they are unbelievably naïve; this is a conversion on the scale of the apostle Paul. One might argue that Lennon had been brainwashed, one may also argue that Yoko had been assigned as his handler and one may further argue that he was being spoon-fed, empty, meaningless slogans and bullshit philosophies by the Indica crowd precisely because they were simple to destroy whilst, undoubtedly, casting him in the light of the leftist, pacifist, drug abusing, foreign troublemaker that America so despised.

Indeed, even the story concerning his introduction to Yoko – the Japanese establishment former mental hospital patient – appears to be a carefully constructed media conspiracy. Supposedly taking place on November 9, 1966, the PID catalyst date of course, it most likely occurred prior to this and possibly in the presence of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. Certainly it happened at the Indica gallery and was specifically timed to coincide with a time when the ‘avant-garde’ art-loving Beatle, McCartney, was out of the country doing God alone knows what. However, it is certainly prescient to note how significant a date November 9 is in German history.

Could it be that, rather than being created by Tavistock, the Beatles were allowed to succeed in America specifically so that the CIA could perpetrate its hippy experimentation? The Beatles were not created, therefore, but, the hippy movement was; specifically in order that when it spectacularly crashed and burned post Manson, as it was always intended to do, the CIA, and the U.S. government, could turn around and say ‘See what happens with these God-damned lefties? Peace and love? They’re all killers and rapists and junkies and what you all really need is more rules and more laws and more governance.’ Classic right-wing propaganda straight from the Nazi school of population control.

So, can we establish any of this? Well if this were a court of law then undoubtedly no, however, as this is the online court of the internet then I intend to submit various forms of ‘evidence’ and ‘proof’ and ultimately I shall leave it to you, dear reader, to form and decide your own opinion.

We need a starting point, and, whilst we could stop off in the Georgian, Elizabethan or even post Crusade eras, I will opt to start with 1947.

“It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play…” are the immortal opening lines to the Beatles magnus opus Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band LP, which was, as I am sure you are all aware, recorded and released in 1967, twenty years prior to 1947.

Since when the general consensus has been that this line refers to the arch occultist and self-styled ‘wickedest man in the world’ Aleister Crowley, due largely to Crowley’s prominent appearance amongst the cast of ‘people we like’ on the front cover, allied to the fact that Crowley died in 1947.

In fact many prominent PIDers will pronounce that the album was released virtually twenty years to the day of his death. This, of course, is nonsense. The album was released in June 1967 a full six months before the Crowley death day anniversary of December 1. 

So, whilst it remains quite possible that the opening line was a tribute to Crowley, could it be that Macca and the boys were referring to something else? Well, as it turns out, 1947 was quite an eventful year.

January 15 1947 - Elizabeth Short, an aspiring actress nicknamed the "Black Dahlia", is found brutally murdered in a vacant lot in Los Angeles. The case remains unsolved to this day.

March - Wernher von Braun marries his first cousin, the 18-year-old Maria von Quirstorp

April – Previous discovery of the 'Dead Sea scrolls' in the Qumran Caves (above the northwest shore of the Dead Sea) by Bedouin shepherds, becomes known

May - The Cold War begins

June 24 – Kenneth Arnold makes the first widely reported UFO sighting near Mount Rainier, Washington

July 8 – A supposedly downed extra-terrestrial spacecraft is reportedly found in the Roswell UFO incident, near Roswell, New Mexico, which was written about by Stanton T. Friedman.

July 26 – Cold War: U.S. President Harry S. Truman signs the National Security Act of 1947 into law, creating the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the National Security Council.

October 14 – The United States Air Force test pilot, Captain Chuck Yeager, flies a Bell X-1 rocket plane faster than the speed of sound, the first time it has been accomplished

November 29 – The United Nations General Assembly votes to partition Palestine between Arab and Jewish regions, which results in the creation of the State of Israel.

December 1 – Aleister Crowley dies.

See, told you it was an eventful year! A vicious, possibly ritualistic murder with distinct Hollywood connections, the conception of the demonization of America’s latest enemy, the beginnings of the UFO myth and the birth of the CIA, based, let us not forget, on the old Nazi S.S. model. Oh, and Wernher von Braun got married.

Who he, I feel you asking? Well Wernher von Braun was a German rocket engineer – the German equivalent of Crowley’s OTO buddy and Moonchild conceiver Jack Parsons – who designed and built the V1 and V2 Nazi rockets that rained down on Britain during WWII and who subsequently took his expertise – and Nazi ethos – to the U.S. and NASA – and ultimately the moon - via the hugely ethically questionable Project Paperclip.

It is very interesting, to me at any rate, that old Wernher, toward the end of his life, when he had been pensioned off by NASA to Fairchild Industries in 1974, admitted to his colleague Dr Carol Rosin that the American strategy for justifying its on-going New World Order policy was to employ scare tactics. “First the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. Then terrorists would be identified, and then we will identify third-world country ‘crazies’, the next enemy will be asteroids, and remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie." 

Looking back from 2014 we can see that all of that has come to pass, and, that the seeds were sown in 1947. The year the Cold War starts and the Russians become American enemy number one. Post 9/11 and we all know about the demonization of terrorists, and yet, 1947 is the year the Palestine is partitioned which well and truly pisses off the Arab nations. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya in recent years, Vietnam, Cuba, Iran in the past, all examples of exactly the kind of developing nation ‘crazies’ that Wernher refers to and that America has meddled in. No asteroid strikes yet, but, we did have Reagan’s SDI – Star Wars initiative, and, finally, good old aliens. A phenomena truly begun by the Nazi created Foo-Fighters during the war but effectively brought into the public domain by Kenneth Arnold and Roswell in 1947.

Time for a quick précis me thinks. It would appear that, post-war, America and Germany entered into a pact, whereby top German secrets would be shared with the Americans so long as the Nazi’s were protected and that Nazi ideology become embedded into American dogma. Wernher von Braun and legions of other Nazi ‘scientists’ were welcomed to come and live and work in the United States which, in turn, allowed the U.S. to win the space race, but, at the expense of the American dream.

Could it be that the Bavarian Illuminati felt that the Atlantean utopia devised by Francis Bacon and enacted by the Scottish Rite Freemason founding fathers had left America a bit too pink and fluffy and that it needed an injection of Nazi steel to restore its New World Order model? Certainly the Skull and Bonesmen with Nazi connections would prosper in this new regime!

Anyway, the end result was that America benefitted from top-secret and highly experimental Nazi developed technology which, in turn, gave them enormous aviation advantages which allowed for the creation of saucer shaped craft, – or UFO’s as we now know them - stealth technology and alternate power sources. The knowledge of all of which has been supressed from the American people, and, in turn, the global populace. The planets reliance on fossil fuels could also have been ended were it not for the inconvenient truth that the New World Order mob are utterly reliant on its continued revenue streams and will not stop until the Earth is sucked dry. Anyone for fracking?

It staggers me that we all buy the ‘alien spacecraft’ lie, however, we have all been utterly brainwashed into its acceptance and it is a perfect example of the mass brainwashing experiments that the U.S. and other global governments have perpetrated on their citizens. Yes, thousands of people report sighting strange craft in the skies. Yes, these craft all perform seemingly impossible manoeuvres and, yes, they all move at incredible speeds; ergo they must be from another planet.

Wrong. These craft are terrestrial and have been flying for decades. How long were stealth-aircraft kept under wraps? Answer; until it suited the U.S. military to reveal their existence.

Remember those old tales about how the U.S. government had sponsored Steven Spielberg to make ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ and ‘E.T.’ to prepare the world for the revelation of mankind’s contact with an extra-terrestrial civilisation? Well, that never panned out, so, more likely they were just perpetuating the alien myth so that whenever we saw something strange in the night sky we automatically assumed it was a little green man and not the USAF. 

What about alien abductions I demand you ask? Well, never having been on the receiving end of an alien anal probing myself, I must admit to some guesswork here, but, my response would be eugenics: the movement devoted to “improving” the human species through the control of hereditary factors in mating.

Unsurprisingly, the history of which can be traced back to those two hotbeds of ‘illumination’, England and Germany. Not an obvious partnership you may feel, however, there are long standing links through Rosicrucian organisations such as the Golden Dawn; whose most famous member, of course, was Aleister Crowley.
The Crawdaddy inteview in which Lennon espouses Crowley

I shall quote now from this external source; The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up in London in 1921 to study the “breaking point” of humans. Kurt Lewin, a German psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute in 1932, about the same time Nazi Germany was increasing its research into neuropsychology, parapsychology and multi-generational occultism.

Top SS Nazi officer Heinrich Himmler, was in charge of a scientific project called Lebersborn, which included selective breeding and adoption of children, a peculiarly large number of twins among them. The purpose of the program was to create a super-race (Aryans) who would have total allegiance to the cause of the Third Reich(New World Order).

Much of the preliminary experimentation concerning genetic engineering and behaviour modification was conducted by Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz, where he coldly analysed the effects of trauma-bonding, eye-colouring and “twinning” upon his victims. 

Beside the insidious surgical experimentation performed at the concentration camp, some of the children were subjected to massive amounts of electroshock. Sadly, many of them did not survive the brutality.

Concurrently, “brain-washing” was carried out on inmates at Dachau, who were placed under hypnosis and given the hallucinogenic drug mescaline. During the war, parallel behavioural research was led by Dr. George Estabrooks of Colgate University. His involvement with the Army, CIA, FBI and other agencies remains shrouded in secrecy.  However, Estabrooks would occasionally “slip” and discuss his work involving the creation of hypno-programmed couriers and hypnotically-induced split personalities.

At this point I shall break away from the external quote to add to this quote from Estabrooks taken his Wikipedia page: "During World War II, I worked this technique with a vulnerable Marine lieutenant I’ll call Jones. Under the watchful eye of Marine intelligence I split his personality into Jones A and Jones B. Jones A, once a 'normal' working Marine, became entirely different. He talked communist doctrine and meant it. He was welcomed enthusiastically by communist cells, and was deliberately given a dishonourable discharge by the Corps (which was in on the plot) and became a card-carrying party member. All I had to do was hypnotize the whole man, get in touch with Jones B, the loyal American, and I had a pipeline straight into the Communist camp." Now, call me a bitter old cynic if you will, but does that not remind you of the back-story of a certain Lee Harvey Oswald? Oh, and the conversion of John Lennon?

Anyway, to resume…

After WWII, the U.S. Department of Defence secretly imported many of the top German Nazi and Italian Fascist scientists and spies into the United States via South America and the Vatican. The code name for this operation was Project PAPERCLIP. One of the more prominent finds for the U.S. was German General Reinhard Gehlen. Hitler’s Chief of Intelligence against Russia. Upon arriving in Washington D.C. in 1945, Gehlen met extensively with President Truman, General William “Wild Bill” Donovan, Director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and Allen Dulles, who would later become the stalwart head of the CIA. The objective of their brain-storming sessions was to reorganize the nominal American intelligence operation, transforming it into a highly-efficient covert organization.  The culmination of their efforts produced the Central Intelligence Group in 1946, renamed the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) in 1947.

Reinhard Gehlen also had profound influence in helping to create the National Security Council, from which the National Security Act of 1947 was derived. This particular piece of legislation was implemented to protect an unconscionable number of illegal government activities, including clandestine mind control programs.

The Evolution of Project MKULTRA 

With the CIA and National Security Council firmly established, the first in a series of covert brain-washing programs was initiated by the Navy in the fall of 1947. Project CHATTER was developed in response to the Soviet’s “successes” through the use of “truth drugs.” This rationale; however, was simply a cover story if the program were to be exposed. The research focused on the identification and testing of such drugs for use in interrogations and the recruitment of agents. The project was officially terminated in 1953.

The CIA decided to expand their efforts in the area of behaviour modification, with the advent of Project BLUEBIRD, approved by director Allen Dulles in 1950. Its objectives were to; (1) discover a means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means,  (2) investigate the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques, (3) investigate memory enhancement and (4) establish defensive means for preventing hostile control of agency personnel. In August 1951, Project BLUEBIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE, which evaluated offensive uses of interrogation techniques, including hypnosis and drugs. The program ceased in 1956. Three years prior to the halt of Project ARTICHOKE, Project MKULTRA came into existence on April 13, 1953 along the lines proposed by Richard Helms, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI) with the rationale of establishing a “special funding mechanism of extreme sensitivity.”

The hypothetical etymology of “MK” may possibly stand for “Mind Kontrolle.” The obvious translation of the German word “Kontrolle” into English is “control.” A host of German doctors, procured from the post war Nazi talent pool, were an invaluable asset toward the development of MKULTRA. The correlation between the concentration camp experiments and the numerous sub-projects of MKULTRA are clearly evident. The various avenues used to control human behaviour under MKULTRA included radiation, electroshock, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, graphology, harassment substances and paramilitary devices and materials “LSD” being the most widely dispensed “material”. A special procedure, designated MKDELTA, was established to govern the use of MKULTRA abroad. MKULTRA/DELTA materials were used for harassment, discrediting or disabling purposes. Of the 149 subprojects under the umbrella of MKULTRA having been identified, Project MONARCH, officially begun by the U.S. Army in the early 1960’s (although unofficially implemented much earlier) appears to be the most prominent and is still classified as TOP SECRET for “National Security” reasons. MONARCH may have culminated from MKSEARCH subprojects, such as operation SPELLBINDER, which was set up to create “sleeper” assassins (i e. “Manchurian candidates”) who could be activated upon receiving a key word or phrase while in a post-hypnotic trance. Operation OFTEN, a study which attempted to harness the power of occultic forces was possibly one of several cover programs to hide the insidious reality of Project MONARCH.

So, we have evidence that the CIA, a body created to be modelled on the S.S., has been secretly performing mind-control experiments on its population. We can also see that this has been supressed and that these experiments were also modelled on earlier Nazi efforts. The Nazi’s, of course, had access to an incarcerated population within their POW camps upon whom to experiment. Could it be, therefore, that America devised ‘alien abductions’ in order to provide the genetic material for their mind-control and eugenic programmes? 

These same experiments would later be expanded upon to create the LSD hippy movement of the Sixties and we know through the research of people like Dave McGowan that a lot of the pop star perpetrators were the children of military parents – such as Jim Morrison – and that this would spawn the whole Laurel Canyon movement.

And hereupon we return to the Beatles; much has been made of the Beatles connections to Manson and the Laurel Canyon brigade: that the Beatles may have stayed at Cielo Drive, that their PR man Derek Taylor was a major player in the Monterey Festival, possible connections to Roman Polanski, and links to arch Crowley promoter and film-maker Kenneth Anger who was Bobby Beausoleil’s lover etc.
The Process magazine McCartney and Asher interview

Certainly McCartney had some links with the Process Church of the Final Judgement who, in turn, had links with Manson, Scientology and possibly the Indica Art Gallery and Bookstore, run, of course, by Barry Miles, John Dunbar and Peter Asher, son of Dr Richard Asher.

And here is how I magically tie all the loose threads together. Remember the anonymous comment I quoted way back at the beginning? Here is the pertinent part… I used to model for Harley Street specialists training med-students at this time, starting in '58 as a 12 year-old. The police, led by top-cops Joe Simpson and Shirley Becke, used to supply Profs Emanuel Miller and Richard Asher with the drugs they wanted to study, and used me as a guinea-pig!

There is, that I am aware of, no direct evidence that Asher had any connections to Tavistock, however, this cannot be said about his co-accused Emanuel Miller. A simple Google search for ‘Emanuel Miller Tavistock’ will reveal that “Miller was a consultant to the Tavistock Clinic”. Now the clinic and the institute are not necessarily the same thing, however, it is good enough for me. They have also hosted, I should add, the annual Emanuel Miller Memorial Lecture. 

Tavistock Clinic notables include Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and R.D. Laing.

Emanuel Miller was a military psychiatrist (there’s a surprise!), and subsequently a paediatric psychiatrist, so the potential that he was indeed performing drug-related experiments on children is a very real one. 

Miller is also the father of the theatre and opera director, actor, author, television presenter, humourist, sculptor and medical doctor, Sir Jonathan Miller CBE, who, coincidentally in 1966, produced a BBC television version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which starred Peter Sellers, Wilfrid Brambell (A Hard Days Night) and Leo McKern (Help!) and which aired, to a very similar reaction, almost a year prior to the Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. Oh, and the Millers lived in St. John’s Wood!

Regular readers of this blog will note that I am partial to a good piece of Beatle related synchronicity, so it delights me to inform you that Richard Asher married Margaret Eliot at St. Pancras church in London in 1943, which is where the Beatles were photographed, twenty five years later, in 1968 as part of the ‘mad day out’ session!

Dr Richard Asher was regarded as "one of the foremost medical thinkers of our times" and was the senior physician responsible for the mental observation ward at the Central Middlesex Hospital before opening private consulting rooms at the Asher family home of 57 Wimpole Street, London. This, famously, is where Paul McCartney lived from 1964-1966 during his relationship with Dr Asher’s daughter, Jane.

Curiously, in 1964, Dr Asher suddenly gave up his hospital post and, possibly, all medical activities, just as the famous Beatle moved in.  Could it be that he had a full-time patient to tend too?

One story of the time, according to the Beatles bible website, relates that… Dr Asher loved to shock his family. Once, when Paul had a bad cold, Dr Asher wrote him a prescription for a nasal inhaler and showed him how to use it. “You take off the top and place it on your little finger, like so.” He demonstrated. “Then you take a sniff with each nostril as per normal; then, after you've finished with it, you can unscrew the bottom and eat the Benzedrine.” Peter shuffled his feet nervously and Paul grinned, not knowing how much he could confide in the good doctor.

When we consider this and the fact that Dr Asher was a member of the Dunlop committee on the safety of drugs the possibility that he was involved with Miller in Tavistock drug experiments does appear to loom large.

McCartney ‘met’ Jane Asher in 1963, prior to the Beatles arrival in the U.S., so it is certainly a possibility that McCartney was a patsy before they ever set foot on American soil.

Indeed, I have in the past speculated that Dr Asher may have been involved in using some sort of sleep-therapy to implant the tune of ‘Yesterday’ into McCartney’s mind. McCartney famously claims that the tune came to him in a dream, fully formed’ and that he just wrote it down when he awoke. Add to this the fact that Mrs Asher was a music teacher and musician who was a professor of oboe at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where her best known student was Beatle producer, George Martin, and this notion becomes far less fanciful.

As previously noted, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was created at Oxford in 1921 by the Royal Institute for International affairs, with later funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and has been described as the nerve centre for the "global manipulation of human consciousness". 

Not long after Tavistock was set up it became the core of Britain’s Psychological Warfare Bureau, studying the effects of shell shock on British soldiers, which, given Dr Emanuel Miller’s history as a military psychiatrist is extremely interesting.

So, could the anonymous comment we began with have more than a veneer of truth? Is this evidence of a British version of MK Ultra and could it be that Paul McCartney was a participant? It would appear so, especially as the other two names mentioned; Shirley Becke – being the top female cop of her generation – and Joseph Simpson – then head of the Metropolitan Police Force of London, are both also legitimate. 

Indeed, Joseph Simpson’s career seems to have been heavily intertwined with the high profile case of Lord Boothby and the Kray twins. Again, regular readers will know of my assertions concerning the Krays and the Beatles.

As a foot note Joseph Simpson died in 1968, Dr Asher in 1969 – who conveniently committed suicide in his cellar – and Dr Miller in 1970. Could it be they had outlived their usefulness?

Could it be that the Beatles really were, wittingly or not, part of a deliberate ploy to pursue a generational LSD experiment with a generation? The plot certainly thickens!

At the time of writing this article I was reading the book Creation Stories, Alan McGee's autobiography: Alan McGee was the owner of the great independent record label Creation, which, spawned some of my all time favourite bands such as Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, Ride and Oasis. Anyway, as with the all the great synchronicities, as soon as I published this article I read the following extract.

...I was in Santa Monica, recording drums with Gary Powell of the Libertines for the second Dirty Pretty Things album. We came out, met the producer Nik Leman and were going towards one of those typical brilliant American restaurants, chicken and chips, portions the size of a table. Then something extraordinary happened, soemthing paranormal - and at the time I was the most unspiritual human being you could come across.

Suddenly, the electrical wire above us started crackling and feeding back, and the street lights started flickering on and off, and we all backed off, worried we might be about to be electrocuted. Then the light went off completely.

It was silent, apart from the noise of crickets. Eerie. Area 51 is only up the road in Nevada. And across the sky, the fastest thing I've ever seen in my life traversed from the furthest left point of the horizon to the furthest right. faster than any plane, much faster. This was going at three or four thousand miles an hour. A ball of light, about 12,000 feet up. It was compeletely silent...

...Now, I'm not saying it was aliens, more likely American military - some kind of secret weapon. Secret technology. But it couldn't have been powered by any natural fuel. That was the weird thing, the feedback on the street lights. It was 9 p.m. at night, and dark...

...Nevertheless, I couldn't stop thinking about what I'd seen, and reading up on the subjectI quickly became obsessed with deep underground military bases. From finding about this, I was led to Robert Anton Wilson and from there to Aleister Crowley, and then to Austin Osman Spare, and to automatic writing and to the chaos magicians. It's a reversal of energy. I've been studying it for five years. I'm obsessed by it. It's good fun.

I know my readers are now thinking, this guy is genuinely off his rocker, but I'm willing to risk them thinking that. Geopolitics and metaphysics are very connected. What they call magic one year is science the next year.

Aleister Crowley is one of my heroes. His influence is monumental. he changed society. Who do you think Sergeant Pepper was? That was Aleister Crowley. Crowley died in 1947, Sergeant Pepper came out in 1967. Twenty years ago today, who taught the band to play? The Beatles will never admit it, but he's on Sergeant Pepper twice. I suspect McCartney's obsessed by him - he just denies it so people don't think he's mad. I'm willing to risk it....

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  1. This was the best of the articles on this blog. There's no difference between the extreme right and the extreme left. They're both constructs of the ruling class. That the Beatles could have been MKULTRA subjects is certainly borne out by today's "artists". In fact the entire MSM appears mind controlled.