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Iamaphoney, Neil Aspinall and Apple

In the Beatles Book of Revelations I revealed a possible connection between Iamaphoney and Neil Aspinall which, I believe, warrants closer examination.

Neil Aspinall, before his death in 2008, ran Apple Corps Ltd and, as such, managed all Beatle related matters. Though it would appear he did this under an assumed title. A look at the board of directors for Apple will reveal that the company secretary is listed as 'Standby Films Ltd'. Standby Films was a company run by Neil Aspinall - though its only known output was a film about Jimi Hendrix entitled 'Band of Gypsies'.

Now, I am no expert on corporations, or finance for that matter, but other than as a straight tax dodge I can see little reason why this may have been the case. Perhaps someone can suggest a reason?

One implication, however, is that this allows for funds for unofficially endorsed Beatle projects to be released. It has long been suggested on the PID forums that Neil Aspinall was behind the Iamaphoney project and a little exploration shows that this maybe the case.

The document above is from the official accounts for Standby Films for 2007 and shows considerable sums - around £200,000 - being paid to an unknown creditor for the years 2006 and 2007. So, the obvious question is who received this money?

According to the Bill Harry website in 1994 Apple paid Standby £408,000, from which Neil paid himself a salary of £62,000. As a tax dodge maybe Aspinall would have his Apple fees paid directly to Standby, however, this does leave the tantalising prospect that some of this money could be funding for the Iamaphoney project?

Standby Films was begun in 1970 which, and I am sure this is not coincidental, was the same time that Aspinall began work on a project entitled 'The Long and Winding Road'. According to Wikipedia; "Long-time friend and Apple Corps manager Neil Aspinall had compiled footage from various sources around the world of concert, interview and television appearances. From this archival footage, Aspinall assembled a 90 minute feature film which was tentatively titled The Long and Winding Road and was completed in 1971". This project would eventually be revisited and would see the light of day as Anthology.

Given that, at this time, Standby Films exists and that we know that Aspinall is archiving Beatles footage it is quite possible that this archive was then bequeathed to Iamaphoney for the purposes of launching his project. 

So, can we link the output - such as it was - to Apple? Well a quick Whois check on the Standby Films website shows that the contact email traces back to Aspinall and Apple. It looks like an Apple fronted organisation.

Not conclusive I accept, however, someone is still going to the trouble of maintaining the web address for Standby Films even though the site is dormant. To add further intrigue to the melting pot a quick look at the LinkedIn page for Billy Martin; reveals a spell of employment, in London, as a Director and Researcher at Stand Up Films.

UPDATE: May 3, 2013 I contacted Billy Martin on LinkedIn and asked if Stand Up films was connected to Standby Films and the intriguing answer I received was this.

To add even more intrigue to this tantalising reply, Billy Martin has now changed the name of his 'previous employer' to Bystand films!

A quick google search for Stand Up Films produces nothing, and quite possibly the entire profile is phoney. The LinkedIn profile does also seem to connect to both Martin Heurlin and Martin Lind who have long been connected to Iamaphoney, so, this would seem to strengthen that connection, but, the question remains who is ultimately funding this project and for what purpose? The Stand Up Films connection seems yet another link in the chain back to Apple and, at least originally, Aspinall.

Martin Heurlin's LinkedIn profile lists some curiously blanked out, viral, projects.

I have no idea what 'Organise Paul's Secret' is, however, I would guess that the two blanked out viral projects are The Winged Beatle and The Right Album!

UPDATE: June 4, 2013:  Martin Heurlin's wikipedia entry has been edited within the last week and it also now lists the mysterious XXXXX projects.

Since Aspinall's death in 2008 it would appear that the project has passed over to Paul McCartney himself.

The above image is a composite of a couple of screen grabs from the Whois register for (Not the capitalisation of the CIA letters) which is where the Iamaphoney project is currently hosted. 

You will note that the website title is listed as 'HOME - Paul McCartney', though clicking on this link will take you to the Iamaphoney website, its use is certainly intriguing! A similar check for shows the same address, 1541 Ocean Avenue, which is in Santa Monica, and, is also a postal address for Ringo Starr.

The Cosmania name itself comes from a mysterious reference on McCartney's album 'Memory Almost Full' album where McCartney seems to refer to himself as 'the king of cosmania' which, in turn, Iamaphoney claimed was an anagram of  'son of the magickian'.

Is McCartney now funding Iamaphoney? I cannot be certain, however, that none of Iamaphoney's YouTube material has been hit with a copyright infringement by Apple seems a little too good to be true and, that the purported reason for the delay in his RevelAtion film seems to be because of a 'cease and desist' order from EMI rather than Apple is also strange.

McCartney's MPL Communications Ltd setup is a hugely complicated beast and funds could be coming from anywhere, though MPL Pictures looks a good bet as a possible funding source.

As you can see from the above diagram MPL is a multi-armed monster, one that needs far more research.

I have speculated in the past that PID is a marketing ploy and this theory has been derided in certain quarters; this is fair enough. I still maintain that this is ultimately a guerilla marketing campaign, however, I will concede that there may well be a lot more to it than mere marketing.

The Beatles don't need much help shifting stock but Iamaphoney as some bizarre McCartney side project is possible. As ever, I don't propose any of this as gospel, it may be miles off the mark, but, I put it out there to prompt discussion and debate and, hopefully, it might bring us nearer to solving the riddle.

Indeed, if someone from the Iamaphoney camp would like to contact me and give me the full facts I would be happy to rectify any assumptions or mistakes I may have made.

For more like this please read my books 'The Sgt. Pepper Code' and 'The Beatles Book of Revalations'.   

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Beatles Book of Revelations

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book, The Beatles Book of Revelations, which takes an in-depth look at all the Beatles related conspiracies including Paul is Dead, the Aquarian Conspiracy, the deaths of John Lennon and Brian Epstein, the Beatles LSD and the CIA, the Redlands Bust, Manson and much, much more.

No other band collects conspiracy theories like the Beatles. Did Paul McCartney die in 1966? Were the Beatles a product of the sinister Tavistock Institute and sent to brainwash a generation? Was John Lennon murdered? Was Brian Epstein murdered? Were the Beatles Aleister Crowley worshipping Satanists? What was the connection between the Beatles and Charles Manson? Who was the wicked dentist and who really controls the Beatles millions?

The Beatles Book of Revelations explores all these questions plus much, much more. Take a trip down the rabbit hole and discover for yourself the shocking truth.

RAOB, Queen B and the Beatles

RAOB stands for the Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffaloes and is a masonic type organisation originally created for stage hands and other theatrical types. John Lennon’s uncle Charlie was a long-time member and, it would appear, Beyonce is now supporting the movement.

 Click here for larger image

As can be seen she is proudly wearing the organisations crest and displaying its motto, Justice, Truth and Philanthropy on her Roll of Honour sash in the promotional video for her upcoming tour. The Beatles also paid tribute to this obscure outfit with the inclusion on the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP cover of the ‘Legionnaire of the Order of the Buffaloes’ character who lurks behind the ‘Temple-Dors’.

RAOB medal

So, what is it about this shadowy organisation that appears so appealing to pop royalty? Well, the Beatles have long been fond of furnishing us with masonic symbolism – the Pepper cover could well signify a masonic initiation ceremony – and Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, are fond of using Illuminati style symbolism in their videos, so, perhaps they are letting us, and their enlightened brethren, know that they have been illuminated?

It is perhaps telling that Beyonce is dressed up, in a coronation style scenario, as a Queen. Queen Elizabeth I possibly? The good Queen Bess was another character that was depicted on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s – though her image was obscured by George Harrison in the finished piece but can be seen in some of the out-takes– though the representation chosen was that of Bette Davis portraying the Queen from the movie ‘The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex’. An actor in costume playing a role, just as Beyonce is in the video and just as a masonic candidate is when initiated into the craft.

That the Queen was hidden on the album cover was no accident, it is a symbolic representation of hidden knowledge. Hidden knowledge of the type possessed by Queen Elizabeth I’s trusted lieutenant – and possibly also her son – Sir Francis Bacon: the true author of the works of Shakespeare, the editor of the King James Bible, the arch exponent of hidden coded messages and the archetypal Rosicruician, the father of the Illuminati.

This assertion can be backed up by the use of the word Antediluvian in the Royal Antediluvian Order of the Buffaloes. The Antediluvian period – meaning "before the deluge" – is the period referred to in the Bible between the Creation of the Earth and the Deluge (flood) in the biblical cosmology. The Legionnaire character is a nod to the author Ignatius L Donnelly. In 1882, Donnelly published ‘Atlantis: The Antediluvian World’, his best known work. It details theories concerning the mythical lost continent of Atlantis. Donnelly suggested that Atlantis had been destroyed during the same event remembered in the Bible as the Great Flood.

Donnelly was also a great believer in the theory that Sir Francis Bacon was the true author of the works of Shakespeare and in 1888 he published ‘The Great Cryptogram’ in support of this belief. Bacon’s most famous work, in his own name, was his tome ‘New Atlantis’ and it is a vision of a Rosicrucian paradise. A paradise very similar to the one portrayed in the Beatles film ‘Yellow Submarine’ in the domain of Pepperland, found, as I am sure you will recall, 80,000 leagues under the sea.

The twentieth century’s greatest proponent of this sort of hidden knowledge was, of course, Aleister Crowley. Crowley also appears on the Sgt. Pepper sleeve and may well appear twice. His second incarnation? Disguised as the ‘Legionnaire of the Order of the Buffaloes’ of course.

Beyonce knows this, Jay Z knows this and the Beatles know this – now we do too!

For more information please read The Sgt. Pepper Code.