Friday, 16 September 2016

Sgt Pepper Code 2016

As we march ever onward toward next year's fiftieth anniversary of Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart's Club Band, I thought it appropriate to produce a rewritten version of The Sgt Pepper Code to celebrate this milestone.

Happy as I was with my original effort, I was never truly satisfied that it had cracked the said code.

I feel now that I have been able to right that wrong.

The Sgt Pepper Code had to be both elegant and simple in its solution, after all, whoever devised it - an ongoing mystery - had very little time in which to incorporate, and assemble, all the elements. I feel my solution is both simple and elegant.

I doubt it was envisaged that it should take fifty years for the code to be cracked, but that it has, is, I feel, strangely appropriate.

The book has been entirely rewritten, however, for those of you who are familiar with my work and do not wish to waste their lives re-reading I have summarised my solution by publishing the final, and entirely, new last chapter HERE.

I have provided a range of sharing options and reading platforms, however, please bear in mind that the hyperlinks sadly don't work in the e-book embeds, so, the PDF can be accessed HERE.

I appreciate entirely the futility of trying to convince people that their beliefs may be wrong and, as such, I have no intention, of trying. I simply say enjoy.


  1. Your theories are very ingenious, but applying the logic of Sherlock Holmes to a work of art strikes me as a self-evidently misguided enterprise. Indications as to your political orientation (reactionary conspiracy theorist ) also start to become apparent fairly early on, but I can't deny I was entertained by your ideas.

  2. The Beatles = mass satanic/masonic sodomy programming of society through (sick, masonic Jew) popular culture. I busted this SHIT years ago. I'm the researcher who discovered the OTO homage concealed within Sgt Pooper. The diagonal mirror shot that reveals Crowley, the penis, and the OTO insignia. I also found ritual grade signing via Hell(p).

    A few of the relevent posts are listed above.

    Sorry if I appear to come across as a bit of know-all twat. Understand that I've been at this for nearly 20 years.

    Anyway. I just thought I'd drop this comment after finding your writing here.

    "Showbiz is an extension of the (masonic/sodomite) Jewish religion." Lennon.

    Best wishes.

    Do you appreciate that the cover to Sgt Pepper is an act of 'masonic magick' - bordering on a form of (masonic, yet degenerate) genius? I certainly do. I still am unable to fathom how they constructed it all via Fraser/Blake.

  3. Hey. I didn't drop these comments here to one-up you or whatever. I made them for the benefit and purposes of wider understanding. (I got the info that Fraser was at Eton, from you here.) Just wanted to make that clear. Thanks.