Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Dig a Phoney

I write this as a follow up to the recent Phoney Ponderings piece and in the light of some new YouTube offerings from Iamaphoney.

The above video’s; paul is dead - the rotten apple 89 E and paul is dead - the rotten apple 89 X – I wonder if the EX suffixes are significant? – seem to be holding videos. They contain none of the typical Crowleyesque or Mansonite themes or the signature millisecond cutaways and both focus on footage of McCartney from a sound-check before a gig in Birmingham.

However, any new material from Iamaphoney is welcome and hopefully signifies a return to action. The videos would also seem to indicate that the revised Revelation timeframe of 2023 is still being followed. They also seem to have abandoned any attempt at promoting the ‘Paul is Dead’ myth and seem to now be following a replacement scenario instead. This aspect would certainly chime with the posts of Apollo C Vermouth and would fit with the familiar ‘two Paul McCartney’s’ concept.

There does also seem to be a return to the implied message that Ringo is somehow involved, which reminds me of the screen-grab from a previous IAAP video that seemed to show the same address for Ringo and for the Cosmaniavision.com web hosts.

Following the Phoney Ponderings piece, I received a comment from ‘ringo starr’; 

I made that cosmania facebook and I am glad that you like the Phoney Phoughts so much that you´ve decided to share them with your readers.

Obviously it would be natural if I told you to really taste every word very carefully but that would make me seem like I wanted to be a kind of mystical prophet who have the answers hidden under his clever looking scalp. Maybe I am but it is not that simple. You do have a really good understanding of the subject and together with your intelligent writing skills you've got a great blog.

BTW Neither Mikenl nor Paul McCartney has any professional connection with CosmaniaVision.

Firstly, any previous assertion on my part that MikeNL may have had something to do with the Cosmaniavision Facebook page seems to be unfounded. But secondly I am drawn by the suggestion to ‘taste every word very carefully’. So, let us do that then.

I wish to explore further a theory that the Iamaphoney PID scenario is actually an initiation ceremony for us into Crowley / Thelemic magick and that rather than being a literal story of death it is one in which McCartney did not die, but underwent some alchemical death and rebirth. 

This theory would contain a similar concept to that of ‘The Passover Plot’ - which we know influenced John Lennon - in that PID represents a staged death. This may explain the anagram ‘I am the risen son of man’ that can be extracted from the curious phrase that was displayed on the old Fireman website ‘the fireman is no mason’. 

Presumably, if Christ was the risen son of God then McCartney sees himself as the risen son of man. Risen, as like Christ, not from an actual death, but a symbolic one.

Back in the day when Iamaphoney was engaged in depositing suitcases in his global treasure trail he stashed one at the Spahn Ranch; the former home of Charles Manson and his family. This suitcase included, amongst other things a copy of ‘The Book of the Law’, the original soundtrack to the movie ‘The Magic Christian’ and a two-sided poster from Magical Mystery Tour. 

The images from the MMT poster are interesting in that they show the ‘I WAS’ image, which is a reference to Aleister Crowley’s 1904 chat with the being Aiwass (Horus) who dictated the Book of the Law to Crowley, and Paul and Ringo in Magician outfits.

Ringo starred in the movie The Magic Christian. So, could The Magic Christian be a simple anagram for the magician Christ? 

In my last post I recalled that an anagram can be derived from the Paul McCartney album ‘Memory Almost Full’ where he credits himself as ‘His Royal Highness the King of Cosmania’. Our friend Iamaphoney then revealed that ‘the King of Cosmania’ is an anagram for ‘Son of the Magickian’.

The Magickian is Crowley so any attempt to label oneself as the Magickian’s son presumably represents a person who sees themselves as Crowley reincarnated. A further possible meaning could be the Magick Ian, Ian Iachimoe being a McCartney pseudonym.

Crowley also refers to ‘Thelemic death’ as being an ego-death and this kind of Jungian theory would, I believe, have sat well with the newly ‘avant-garde’ McCartney. This ‘crossing of the abyss’ can be studied in greater detail here, suffice it to say it is ‘an experience that one has while physically alive.’

Mainstream PID diehards conclude that McCartney ‘died’ on either September 11, 1966, or, November 9, 1966. The September date can be conclusively dismissed by the fact that McCartney was seen, very much alive and well, at the Melody Maker awards on September 13. 

Which leaves the November date. This means to examine what really happened we have to delve into then less than reliable accounts of McCartney propagandist and International Times founder Barry Miles and his account of McCartney’s fabled trip to France, Spain and Kenya.

Given that the identity of the former International Times emergency contact is a Paul McCartney paperback writing pseudonym then I would suggest Mr Miles may not be an entirely impartial author. However, Miles is telling us that on the supposed death date of November 9, 1966, rather than dying in a car crash in London, McCartney is actually in France with Mal Evans.

McCartney claims in the book ‘Many Years from Now’, written by the aforementioned Barry Miles, that he wore a disguise of a moustache and glasses when he went to France in November 1966 and that after being refused entry to a nightclub he discards that disguise. However, for the duration of the holiday and when he returns to London he is still sporting the, or a, moustache.


McCartney donned his disguise after passing through French customs. Wig Creations, the film cosmetic company used by The Beatles on A Hard Day's Night, had made him a moustache to wear.

    They measure you and match the colour of your hair, so it was like a genuine moustache with real glue. And I had a couple of pairs of glasses made with clear lenses, which just made me look a bit different. I put a long blue overcoat on and slicked my hair back with Vaseline and just wandered around and of course nobody recognised me at all. It was good, it was quite liberating for me.

Paul McCartney

Many Years from Now, Barry Miles


Prior to meeting Evans, McCartney spent the night in a Bordeaux club. Wearing the moustache and glasses disguise he had prepared to allow him to travel incognito, the club staff wouldn't let him in.

    I looked like old jerko. 'No, no, monsieur, non' - you schmuck, we can't let you in! So I thought, Sod this, I might as well go back to the hotel and come as him! So I came back as a normal Beatle, and was welcomed in with open arms. I thought, Well, it doesn't matter if I've blown my cover because I'm going to meet Mal anyway, I don't have to keep the disguise any longer. Actually, by the time of the club I'd sort of had enough of it. Which was good. It was kind of therapeutic but I'd had enough. It was nice because I remembered what it was like to not be famous and it wasn't necessarily any better than being famous.

    It made me remember why we all wanted to get famous; to get that thing. Of course, those of us in the Beatles have often thought that, because we wished for this great fame, and then it comes true but it brings with it all these great business pressures or the problems of fame, the problems of money, et cetera. And I just had to check whether I wanted to go back, and I ended up thinking, No, all in all, I'm quite happy with this lot.

Paul McCartney

Many Years from Now, Barry Miles


Iamaphoney has been suggesting for years that one of the keys to this mystery is the fake moustache. He even claims that the reprise of Sgt. Pepper, when played backwards, is actually a song called Apple Star (It Was a Fake Moustache), and references Crowley in its lyrics. 

Iamaphoney also claims that this song, or at least the original Beatle version, was due to appear on the Anthology 2 record but was pulled at the last minute. True or not, could this imply that the moustachioed Paul is symbolic of the re-born Thelemic McCartney? 

It could also further imply a Ringo connection. Apple, according to Yoko Ono, is Ringo in Japanese, ergo Apple Star = Ringo Starr? Also Ringo was the Billy Shears character that is referred to on Sgt. Pepper so could it be that the two who were not flying are both involved in this conspiracy theory?

So, it would appear that the famous White Album image so beloved of the PID believers is actually an image of McCartney in his French garb and points us back to that mysterious November trip. 

We know that Miles’ account of this trip is not accurate as if you click HERE you will see that it tells us that Jane Asher joins McCartney and Mal in Kenya for the second leg of this holiday.

However, given that Paul and Mal return on November 19, this image confirms that she was not there at all.

She was still in London filming and so did not travel to Kenya. Also notable is that the actor she is photographed with, Laurence Harvey, also happened to star in the original version of the Manchurian Candidate. More notable still is what else we see if we study photos of the ‘The Magic Christian’ soundtrack that Iamaphoney left at Spahn Ranch.

It is that man Harvey again. But back to Miles’ account of the Magickal Mystery Tour.

McCartney's journal was later lost, as was his film of his trip. Some of the reels were stolen by fans who broke into his home on Cavendish Avenue, London.


So, this presents certain questions for us to ponder. If McCartney really did sport a disguise on his sojourn around France then why does he only abandon the greased back hair and the glasses? Likewise, is the moustache he retains always the fabled ‘fake moustache’ or does he grow a real one? And finally, if the home movies – which Iamaphoney clearly had access to – were stolen, much like the twin peppers – which Iamaphoney claimed were part of the Berlin suitcase – then how did he access this material? 

The twin peppers were presumably stolen at the same time as the journals and home movies and were, if the screen-grab above, again taken from an IAAP movie, is genuine, were offered back to Brian Epstein by a character named Beleth. Beleth is the Thirteenth Spirit, a terrible and Mighty King from Crowley’s book Goetia. Is this related, coincidence or just a plain and simple Iamaphoney invention?

I am not hugely conversant with alchemy but fortunately a comment left on an old Tafultong blog conveniently not only explains the process but demonstrates that I am not the first to explore this particular avenue.

The process of alchemy is traditionally divided into seven stages of purification (think "1-2-3-4-5-6-7, all good children go to heaven), combining the contrary energies of Above & Below (not unlike the Pepper mirror-reading), Fire & Water, Sun & Moon, etc. According to the Emerald Tablet, all of these processes can be placed under the banner of The Operations of the Sun. The individual's psyche is spoken of as the Philosophical Egg (making the individual himself an "eggman" perhaps?).

The ‘Above & Below’ and ‘Fire & Water’ etc. references could be taken as explanations for the dual aspects of the ‘twin peppers’ – the two Paul McCartney’s? – and the ‘Operations of the Sun’ reference could tie back into the RA (Rotten Apple) sun king theme?

One could further extrapolate the alchemical theory by implying that those who take PID literally are like the early primitive alchemists believing that you can transmute lead into gold. In other words, they are missing the point.

In the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz the hero undertakes seven journeys around the time of Passover and this does lend itself to the possibility that this and the PID stories are connected.

As an aside, for further reading on the Chemical Wedding movie which features Crowley I highly recommend this blog.

Which, in summary, leads me attempt to ‘taste every word’ of the Phoney Phoughts;

Phoney Phoughts: Why didn´t they just come clean back then? Can it all be explained by reading ‘The Book Of The Law’ that states that you are not supposed to pass your knowledge on as a missionary man, you are only supposed to share the knowledge in very special ways as lets say reverse speech.

Is Iamaphoney suggesting that Paul, having become disillusioned with life as a non-touring Beatle, is seeking new adventures and experiences and that one of these included undertaking some Thelemic ‘crossing of the abyss’ ceremony that divested McCartney from his ego? After this ceremony we discover we have ‘Beatle Paul’ and, let us say, ‘Bill Martin’; two halves of the same whole. This is not to say, however, that there is not also a McCartney double. McCartney alludes to this in the Iamaphoney videos above and Apollo C Vermouth certainly promoted that idea.

Bill Martin wants us to all to know about Thelemic knowledge but, as the Book of the Law, and Phoney Phoughts, states he cannot do this openly. Therefore we get the backwards messages and the constant point backs to Sgt. Pepper as spoken of by Apollo C Vermouth which implore us to re-examine Pepper and its hidden secrets. 

Phoney Phoughts: The first thing that hit me was that nobody had ever discovered two of the most obvious backwards clues. The first one is on ‘StrawberryFieldsForever’ in the beginning of the chorus; ‘Strawberry Fields, Nothing is real’ . Play that backwards and what you will hear loud and clear is; ‘We will sing it now’ ‘We will be reverse’. This is winter 1966-67 and the track Strawberry Fields Forever is ,to my best knowledge, the first deliberated backwards message ever recorded and The Beatles gives their listeners a confirmation that one is on the right track reversing the song and it just might be a good idea keep on listening in reverse.

Certainly it seems our friend Ringo Star at Cosmaniavision wants us to think that.

As a final thought: I wonder if McCartney was inspired by the wartime ‘operation mincemeat’ in which the British left a dead corpse for the German’s to find? The fictional identity for ‘the man that never was’ was Major Bill Martin.

Sadly, I cannot give you any concrete answers, so here's hoping for some more cryptic comments.


  1. Ya se sabe a ciencia cierta de qué paul se fue a francia desde el 28 de octubre, estando hay 15 dias en lo que Paul dice que fue una fiesta, fiesta que es la palabra vacaciones pero disfrazada dicha palabra.

    Lo de Jane también se está investigando ya que las cronicas sugieren que ella alcanzó a paul y mal a kenia el 17 de noviembre.

  2. Corrigo, Se sabe con certeza de que Paul McCartney se fue de vacaciones desde el 28 de octubre hasta su regresó el 19 de Noviembre de 1966, otra cosa respecto con la situación de jane, novia de paul, es que las crónicas la ponen cuándo paul y Mal llegan a kenia,esto sucedió entre el 16 y 17 de noviembre de 1966.

  3. Having been spelunking in this huge warren for some time now, let me share some thoughts. For starters, not once in any of the videos is there a mention of the truly stunning OTO pyramid made of people that you see when you place a mirror diagonally across the pepper cover. Not once is there any mention of John Arthur Reid Pepper or the BSC. There are many revelations to come, and it is all beginning to smell like MI6/CIA mind foolery. You want the revelation early ? Here it is, stop reading if you don't want to spoil the surprise. My gut tells me that there is no paul mccartney; there never was. "Im the urban spaceman/now here's a twist/i dont exist"
    Numerous actors have been used to play this character, both vocally and visually, and it was all done to screw with our heads. "Maybe Im a Maze" "maybe i am a phoney" The young Crowley picture, which apparently never existed until 1966 and which had been retouched to look like paul. (Its easy to check other pictures of the young Crowley; sorry to burst bubbles, but there's no match, not even close)
    Or the weird picture of his mother on the wiki page; black and white, she's wearing a nuns habit against an inexplicably blue sky. (Shades of yellow submarine/pepperland). All the lies about his past. Hands across the water, heads across the sky. Getting the picture ?
    Everything that comes out of Apple is a delirious and wonderful lie. The Beatle Mind Games are about to reach the next level. It's time.

  4. iamaphoney

    "No you're not!" said little nicola

  5. p to the s

    What n the world is "come back milly" all about