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Down the Rabbit Hole

Let us look at this image from the Sgt. Pepper cover. It is a mirror image cropped from the corner of the Sgt. Pepper cover and there is some evidence that we are meant to see it as such because, as we can see from the screen-grab from the ‘A Day in the Life’ video below – which is a clue within itself.

Indeed in this photo we can see that the image is mirrored at both ends – and mirrored at the points where we have the sun (Sonny Liston - Boaz) and Diana (Diana Dors – Jachin). I believe that the puppetmasters at Apple first produced this video in 1987 to mark the twentieth anniversary of Sgt. Pepper. That being the case we have to believe that there is another purpose in mirroring and extending this image other than simply pre-empting the emergence of widescreen television.

So, returning to the top image I am going to speculate that that the dark mass in the centre (above which is a decidedly Walrus like visage) is meant to represent the rabbit hole down which we are to travel, metaphorically. We can also see 4 or 5 – if we are meant to include the RAOB legionnaire, which I guess we are – characters. From top to bottom: Lewis Carroll, Marlene Deitrich, Legionnaire, Shirley Temple and Diana Dors.

If we assume that the legionnaire is meant to be representative of a secret society (Masons, RAOB, OTO etc) and / or Aleister Crowley who was a member of, or a leader of, secret societies then we have a code.  Codes need keys.

Dietrich in German means skeleton, or master, key so what we have, if we read from top to bottom, is Carroll (is the) Key (to the) Masonic Temple Dors.
The key to the Sgt. Pepper code?

We also see mirror images, or twins, or alters, of all these characters. This brings to mind the Lewis Carroll’s book, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There in which Alice ponders what the world is like on the other side of a mirror's reflection. In this reflected version of her own house, she finds a book with looking-glass poetry, "Jabberwocky", which hugely influenced John Lennon and which introduces us to the Crowleyesque phenomenon of reversed writing which is designed to be read in a mirror.
Distorted mirror images

Alice also observes that the chess pieces have come to life and meets the Red Queen. The Red Queen reveals to Alice that the entire countryside is laid out in squares, like a gigantic chessboard, and offers to make Alice a queen if she can move all the way to the eighth rank/row in a chess match. Is this a metaphor that we should view the Sgt. Pepper cover as a chess board? Yoko Ono famously exhibited her all white chess board at the Indica gallery show when she was first introduced to John Lennon and Ringo Starr claimed to have spent most of the time during the Sgt. Pepper sessions learning to play chess.

I have also previously suggested that Sgt. Pepper cover may be reminiscent of the Masonic Tracing Board with its Black and White checkerboard floor and the twin towers of Jachin and Boaz.
Alice in Wonderland figures from Paul McCartney's garden

Returning to Alice she next meets the fat twin brothers Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Though they are commonly perceived to be identical they are in fact mirror image twins. In the book Tweedledum and Tweedledee recite the long poem "The Walrus and the Carpenter", which, again, is so beloved of John Lennon. It is also significant because in this poem, when walking upon a beach one night when both sun and moon are visible, the Walrus and Carpenter come upon an offshore bed of oysters, the Walrus tries to persuade them to come "walk" with them. The Mother Oyster, on the other hand, knows that the current month is March, one of the 8 months with the letter "R" in which oysters are eaten. She tries to convince her children to stay in the sea, but the Walrus shuts her up (literally) and leads the dozen curious, younger oysters in a Pied Piper-like dance and flute solo ashore.

This has huge symbolic meaning, firstly we have 13 oysters; a witches coven, the last supper, 12 + 1, a hangman’s knot which has 13 coils and 13 being the number of the death card in a tarot deck. We also have the sun and the moon which are both present on the Masonic tracing board and which have huge religious significance. It is also significant in that it is a cautionary tale about manipulation by predatory males, or, in other words, mind-control. We also have the Walrus – the Walrus was Paul – using a flute to tempt the oysters ashore. On the cover of Pepper, of course, Paul is holding a Cor Anglais, a flute like instrument.

Lewis Carroll’s books, alongside the Oz series by L. Frank Baum, have long been rumoured to have been used as a basis for mind-control and indeed Alice in Wonderland is the name of a CIA mind-control technique.
CIA Alice in Wonderland document
So, what else can we deduce from our list of characters? 

Diana Dors was a fan of mirrors – she, and her first husband Dennis Hamilton, had a huge two-way mirror installed in their home so that they could watch – and film for blackmail purposes – their house guest’s antics at their legendary sex parties in the early sixties. A regular guest at these parties was Dr Stephen Ward, of Profumo Affair fame, who was, in all probability, a Monarch mind-control practitioner himself and who was also friends with, and neighbours of, the Asher family.

The mirror would be sold to Peter Rachman, the infamous London slum landlord, who, it is rumoured, is another to make use of a public double.

Diana Dors also left a coded will. Sadly, for her son anyway, the key had been lost!

Shirley Temple is seen here in her get up for the film Bright Eyes. Interestingly in the original promo shot there is a silhouette of a plane, this is interesting because plane crashes seem to be an oft used method for killing off those (doubles) who have become surplus to requirement. 

One such example is that of the actor Leslie Howard who was one of the unfortunate 13 passengers aboard the ill-fated flight 777 in 1943, which despite being quite clearly marked as being a flight from a neutral country was shot down by six German bombers. One, oft-quoted, reason for this is because Flight 777 was due to be carrying Britain’s wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, however, Churchill ‘decided’ to delay his return and his place was taken by Howard and his tax advisor and agent, Alfred Chenhalls: a tubby, bald, cigar-smoking bon viveur, who apparently bore a striking resemblance to Winston Churchill.

Now another potential reason could be that this was a revenge mission. The previous year, 1942, saw the ‘crash’ of a Sunderland Flying Boat, in the highlands of Scotland, carrying the brother of the then King, George VI, the Duke of Kent. There is plenty of speculation that this flight carried a mysterious extra passenger, one Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s right-hand man. Hess had flown to Britain the previous year in an attempt to negotiate peace directly with the British Royal family and circumvent Churchill.

Is it possible that, in revenge, Churchill had ordered the assassination of Hess, and the Duke of Kent, safe in the knowledge that the crash would never be investigated too thoroughly as to do so would have revealed the Royal families, treacherous, secret peace negotiations with the Nazi’s? We will likely never know, however, Hess was replaced with a double who would later die in Spandau Prison in 1987.

Normally this tale would not bear remarking upon; however, Leslie Howard was an ex- lover of Marlene Dietrich, the possible key to unlocking the Sgt. Pepper Code, as was Tyrone Power who also appears on the Pepper cover, as did Adolf Hitler before he was removed at the last minute. Hitler was known to employ the services of a double whilst Aleister Crowley bore a resemblence to Churchill.
Crowley parodying Churchill

So that just leaves Lewis Carroll himself. Now there are plenty of conspiracy theories already doing the rounds about Carroll and his interest in young girls, including one that has him as a candidate for Jack the Ripper, so I shall leave these well alone; however, the original photo used on the album sleeve – which has been flipped for the Pepper cover – shows Carroll holding a camera lens.


As we know the camera never lies but the truth can certainly be distorted!

There does seem to be a growing body of evidence that the Beatles - knowingly or unknowingly - were involved in some sort of establishment controlled mind-control scheme. Indeed, whilst there is a recurring 'death' motif to the post Pepper Beatles, there is also a perhaps more significant '2-Pauls' theme that emerges after 1966 and, as we can see above, a theme for doubles.

Indeed, were the Beatle media machine keen to tie the '2-Paul' theory into Pepper right form the start?

Let us not forget that the mirror theme, and indeed all of the subsequent PID clues, derived from Sgt. Pepper came from the discovery of the hidden message that is only revealed by placing a mirror to the Sgt. Pepper drumhead.

So, whilst a mirror can reveal, it can also distort and when a mirror is shattered it produces duplicates! 
Free as a bird still with Monarch butterfly and childhood imagery

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