Monday, 7 January 2013

Iamaphoney and the Sgt. Pepper Code

Firstly, may I take this opportunity to wish all readers a happy and prosperous new year. 2012 was a productive year for this blog and the highlight was the release of The Sgt. Pepper Code book in August.

I have been delighted with the level of feedback and support I have had for the book and this has been cemented by some very kind words from no less a luminary than the YouTube video sensation, Iamaphoney. The man who goes under the sobriquet Billy Martin emailed me recently and said: -

"It seems like you have a fair amount of these  "unknown to the masses"  facts on board which is great, not that all of them are true but they are all little myths in their own rights, really. The book is for me those little doodles and here is a superb talent of getting those little stories to fit and, I must say, the Sgt Pepper cover is a "detailed-eternity"  photo, there is always something to find and you, Redwel Trabant, have been doing a great job" 

Clearly, to receive an endorsement from someone so high profile and influential is fantastic and somewhat of a coup for me, I believe. I am glad that the book is being read in such illustrious circles and is garnering so much interest.

To obtain your copy of The Sgt. Pepper Code please follow the link below:

As a further aside I hope I will be able to shortly announce another exciting project!


  1. Hi, I am a radio producer and I'd be willing to do an exchange with you where I get you booked on some radio shows that have an audience and in return you provide me for my personal use only a pdf of your book.

  2. I would be glad to, please email me at