Monday, 5 June 2017

Peering behind the Temple Doors

Whilst watching a fascinating Beatles documentary this Saturday, (Sgt. Pepper's Musical Revolution: BBC2, 03/06/17) I was treated to perhaps the clearest image yet of our old friend from the RAOB, or Legionnaire from the order of the Buffaloes to give him his correct Sgt. Pepper title.

1197 - the number of the beast?
The image appears to be from a behind-the-scenes look at the Sgt. Pepper photo shoot - but is not an image I have seen before.

Traditionally we are used to seeing this mysterious dude popping up from behind the (Shirley) Temple (Diana) Do(o)rs. 

His appearance is somewhat of a mystery and may be a tribute to John Lennon's Uncle Charlie who was apparently a member.

However, the mystery man may also be displaying a masonic apron and the latest picture reveals that his fez displays the number 1197. I am not aware of an RAOB Lodge No: 1197, but there is a Masonic Lodge, Nyanza Lodge No 1197, based in Somerset. Could this be relevant?

Alternatively, the mirrored drum-skin bears the legend 1 ONE IX HE DIE (1 1 9 He Die) clue. Could this be connected?

Ultimately, I know not what this all means. But, I saw it, grabbed a screenshot of it, and now I hope someone may be able to provide a coherent answer.

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