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Phoney Manson links

Prompted by a screenshot posted on a Facebook page I have been inspired to examine this image in greater detail and delve, once again, into the wonderful world of Iamaphoney.
The screenshot is taken from Iamaphoney’s video, ‘Studycloud Book 1904’, and seems to suggest the intriguing possibility that Paul McCartney and Charles Manson were friends, or were, at the very least, acquainted.

The Manson / Beatle links, which are a major feature of Iamaphoney’s productions, stem largely from Beatle White Album era lyrics and Manson’s deluded notion of Helter Skelter, whereby racial war would be initiated by oppressed blacks against the white majority, and via the ‘Helter Skelter’ and ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 all good children go to heaven’ graffiti written on a door at the Spahn Ranch.

The Spahn Ranch was also a location for one Iamaphoney’s suitcases; this is a theme we shall return to.
Manson claimed that The Beatles were speaking to him directly through lyrics on the White Album, an album the band were working on at the time of McCartney’s US trip and when, according to Tony Bramwell, McCartney was playing new Beatle tracks to fans. I guess it is somehow therefore possible that Manson could have heard these songs before their release? I find this unlikely though.

We are also talking of a time just a month after McCartney reportedly quit the band (see my previous post) and yet here he is in L.A. to big-up the Beatles’ latest initiative.

So, who wrote the note that appears in the Iamaphoney video? Well, there does appear to be a signature but I cannot make it out. One candidate, as speculated on Facebook, is Linda McCartney nee Eastman. On the face of it this would be a good guess, the date in the top right corner, June 22, 1968, is written in the American format and, furthermore, it is on that very date that Linda and Paul fell in love. So says Tony Bramwell anyway.

Dear Tony does indeed provide quite a bit of detail of the itinerary that day, enough at any rate to ascertain that McCartney was indeed in L.A. at that time and could, theoretically, have met with Manson, particularly given McCartney and the band’s friendship with The Beach Boys (Manson, and his family, having spent time living with Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson. The date is interesting though. It would imply that it was the previous night – 21st June – that was spent under the stars. So, is this possible? McCartney and company flew from London to New York on the 20th, whereupon McCartney immediately contacts Linda and leaves a message. They then catch an internal flight to L.A. and arrive at some point on the 20th or 21st. Bramwell makes clear that Linda is waiting for Paul after they had made a presentation to Capitol on the 22nd, so, it would seem unlikely that Linda was the author.

Evidence of her handwriting is scarce but I would wager that some of this diary extract was written by her.
Paul McCartney’s handwriting can be seen just to the right of the horse’s head, so the rest, including the American spelling of colour (color) is presumably hers? It doesn’t resemble that on the screenshot.
Example of McCartney's handwriting
These diary extracts are a recurring theme in Iamaphoney’s work and I have speculated in the past that they are extracts from a diary stolen from McCartney by two Italian girls.

Interestingly, the same diary extract can be seen in this screenshot;
This was taken from a short-lived YouTube video that appeared shortly before Mike NL released his Billy and Me interview with Billy Martin. The video also featured an image of a decapitated Sharon Tate. I believe that Mikey produced this video.
This is suggestive, if not conclusive, of an attempt to provide further links between the IAAP vids and the Manson theme.

Tony Bramwell, who so helpfully provides the detail of Macca’s movements on the day in question, is pivotal in the whole mythology of the PID hoax. This interview is particularly telling;

E.C.: I just finished reading a book about the "Paul Is Dead" phenomena (TURN ME ON DEAD MAN- which we are reviewing in EAR CANDY). And this book mentions the phone call that you made to the radio station pretending to be Paul.

Tony Bramwell: Oh do they?

E.C.: It was great find reading your confession that it was YOU who called the radio station imitating Paul and that they used it for some kind of voice analysis to "prove" that there was indeed another Paul. I know that Paul told you to deal with it, and you discussed it with Derek Taylor (who seemed just annoyed at all the calls coming in to Apple). How exactly did that come about?

Tony Bramwell: It just got so tiresome, the phone calls and the constant harassment from the press and radio and media. I just got fed up with it. So I just put me Paul voice on and said, “No, me? I’m sitting here drinking a cup of tea” or whatever. Because Paul wasn’t being helpful because he was up in Scotland…and The Beatles had folded. When it became 24 hours a day, 24-7 or whatever you call it, just denying that Paul is dead, I just thought, “I can’t take any more of this” – so I pretended I was him. I can’t remember which disc jockey I even did it with, I think it was one in Canada or Miami or whatever.

E.C.: Did Derek agree with you about the call?

Tony Bramwell: I mean it was disrupting the entire Apple industry Just 24-7 of “Paul’s dead, who’s the imposter? Billy Shears or Billy Campbell?”

It was quite fun for a while, then it just too much. I just had to try and stop it because nothing else was getting done.

E.C.: Did you "script" out what you were going to say? (They put some of the transcript into the book.)

Tony Bramwell: No, no, I just answered the phone and thought, “I’m gonna be Paul” and did that.

E.C.: And they fell for it?

Tony Bramwell: Well, I suppose so.

Apollo C. Vermouth, my favourite forum poster, claimed that there were two McCartney vocal imitators and this lends credence to the theory Bramwell was one of them.
Bramwell also wrote a lengthy write up of the trip for The Beatles Monthly which, whilst not once mentioning Linda, talks about a yacht trip that they took. The accompanying pictures though are of another boat trip, this time in New York, and includes the famous photo of the three Paul’s!

So, could then our mysterious letter writer be Tony Bramwell? Again I have struggled to find an example of his handwriting.
Signatures aren’t indicative enough of an individual’s handwriting to go on and the American date format on the letter would seem to rule Bramwell out. However, a year ago I posted about a series of new images I had found at the Iamaphoney website and here we do seem to get a handwriting match.

I am no expert in handwriting but they seem pretty close to my untrained eye. In conclusion, I would have to suggest that either the McManson note is fake and has been perpetrated by someone within the Iamaphoney camp to create / enhance the Manson links, or, Iamaphoney’s material is being given to him by someone inside the McCartney camp. I have long speculated that this person was Neil Aspinall, however, we should also consider what Tony Bramwell’s role in all this is?

Sometime ago I copied an image from Shaun Weiss’ (son of Beatle’s lawyer Nat) Facebook page;
Again I have no idea whose handwriting this is but it is certainly similar to the writing in the McManson image and is definitely the same as the handwriting in the photos from old phoney’s page; compare the W’s.

So, this is either a blatant forgery or someone from the Beatle camp is providing themes for IAAP.
The above image – cropped from another above – is interesting as, not only is the handwriting similar but, it also links to Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law. The Book of the Law is the theme of the Iamaphoney video from where the McManson screenshot is taken and the video attempts to link PID, or McCartney at any rate, with Crowley and his Thelema religion. It also mentions Dr Richard Asher, who once said of Pel Ebstein fever that it existed only because it had a name.

The Book of the Law was written in Cairo in 1904 when Crowley claimed it was dictated to him by a discarnate entity named Aiwass. This information is interpreted by Iamaphoney as being an explanation for the caption ‘I Was’ that appears in the Magical Mystery Tour movie.

All of which is very interesting when compared to the information contained within the Iamaphoney suitcase discovered at the Spahn Ranch.

Not only do we have a copy of the Book of the Law but also the ‘I Was’ image from Magical Mystery Tour.

Also in the suitcase was a copy of the Magic Christian L.P.

All of which seems to be a clear attempt to try and link McCartney and Manson to the workings of Aleister Crowley. Crowley was a master manipulator who was linked to more than one murder whilst Manson was clearly the same, able as he was to manipulate his protégée’s to murder on his behalf; PID is an attempt to manipulate the masses whilst Iamaphoney seeks to perpetuate the same myth. So does this help to explain the inclusion of this diary extract in the video?

An expanded version of which is this;

Which is taken from here.

It is surely not coincidental that the stolen diary extract shows an entry saying ‘Paul leaves Beatles’ and is from the anniversary of Crowley finishing the Book of the Law?

We are being manipulated into believing that McCartney knew Manson, presumably because this would tie in to a larger theme, namely that of mind-control. Crowley used sexual rituals to elicit control whilst Manson did the same thing, whilst rumours abound that, in reality, both were themselves being manipulated from above. Is Iamaphoney proposing that McCartney did the same? If nothing else we are being pointed in the direction of the date of Paul and Linda getting together, so why?

Look again at the McManson screenshot; the son at the end of McManson has been written over, as if to emphasis its importance.

We are all sons of the magician because we are all prey to exactly the same manipulation.

I will leave you with a series of screenshots from the video of Iamaphoney's signature flashing, embedded images. These include a series of letters that appear.

EMI (Beatles record company)
NIR (Nothing is Real?)
P (Paul?)
SS (SuperStone?)

I have no idea what it means, maybe it is an anagram (simpering tits being my favourite) or a message? Your thoughts are, as ever, welcome.

In memory of Cynthia Lennon who sadly passed away today.

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  1. The videos also imply a NASA/apollo Connection. Could these be sub rosa telegraphs, hinting that all 3 ('paul', the moon shot, and manson) are mindfool projects ?