Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Iamaphoney and Emilio Lari – three degrees of separation

Despite a distinct lack of activity recently and with still no sign of TheRevelAtion movie appearing I am returning to the works of the mysterious clique that is the Iamaphoney organisation. In particular, to explore the individuals involved, and, how they may be connected to Paul McCartney or the ‘Paul is Dead’ theory.

The main protagonists, so far as I can tell, are Martin Heurlin, Hans Buchardt and Martin Lind. Heurlin and Buchardt are former members of a Danish band called ‘Pupil’ whilst Lind, along with a guy called Ian Walsh – who may also be involved – was in a group called ‘Boghandle’.  How they came together I do not know, though, I am guessing that the Danish rock scene is fairly small pool.

Boghandles Wiki Profile
Pupils Facebook page

Anyway, a quick check on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles can quickly establish their connections.  Hans Buchardt gives little away, aside from that he know seems to be involved in interior design, however, he is connected to Martin Lind, Martin Heurlin and ‘Billy Martin – producer at CosmaniaVision ‘ whose profile picture just happens to show an image of Heurlin. 

Hans Buchardt and Martin Heurlin of Pupil
Martin Heurlin is the character that appears in the Iamaphoney series, the so called, TPF, or the phoney figure. Heurlin’s LinkledIn profile currently shows him as freelancing in t.v. production. 

Martin Heurlins Facebook photo
Hans Buchardt's LinkedIn Connections

Martin Lind, interestingly, works for a film production company in London intriguingly called ‘White Rabbit Films’. Will the Alice in Wonderland connections ever cease?

Lind is also friends with the photographer Emilio Lari and, his daughter I assume, Alexandra.

Martin Linds Facebook friends

Emilio Lari is a photographer who started his career by bluffing his way on to the set of Richard Lester's Beatle movie ‘A Hard Day's Night’ in 1964. On set, the crew and actors happened to be waiting for a photographer from L’European magazine and welcomed Lari accordingly. 

Emilio happily played the role until he was exposed when the official photographer arrived. However, his talent and friendly approach led to an invitation to the filming of ‘Help!’ in 1965.

Lari's enlightened photo of McCartney

Emilio and Bardot

John, as Yoko, by Lari

Marcello Mastroianni

In addition he also worked with the likes of Beatle favourite Bridget Bardot and Sgt. Pepper cover stars Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. He also worked on the movie ‘Candy’ by another Pepper cover star, Terry Southern, and which starred Ringo Starr.

Lari appears in a number of the Iamaphoney movies and claims that he knew of the ‘Paul is Dead’ rumours as early as 1966. It is also claimed that Lari was bullied by McCartney’s people to hand over some of his Beatle images and also claims that he may have been burgled for this purpose as well.

Emilio Lari in screengrab from IAAP movie

Now Lari is interesting as he is someone who would have known the Beatles both before and after the death rumour circulated, and could, therefore, possibly identify a different McCartney.

It is of extreme interest then that on Martin Lind’s LinkedIn profile should be the claim that he is currently working on a film project with none other than Emilio Lari!

Martin Lind's LinkedIn profile listing a current project with Lari

So, the question therefore is, is Lari genuine with the claims he makes in the Iamaphoney videos or are they all colluding together in trotting out a shared lie?

I wish someone would tell me?