Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lennon's Ghost - Blue Meanies

Lennon says "It's dead good this"
I recently came across a gem of a clip, dating back to the Anthology days, of Paul McCartney discussing Free as a Bird.

In the clip McCartney discusses the use of reversed messages in Beatles tunes - something he describes as Beatles clues rather revealingly - and then talks about the one they inserted into Free as a Bird.

Having discussed this the camera appears to become afflicted by a bizarre blue apparation which McCartney immediately decides is the spectoral spirit of the departed Lennon giving his blessing to proceedings.

It is not my best editorial work, it being rather rushed and I may well return to it at a later date, however, it is an extremely interesting piece of video which merely confirms my widely held belief that The Beatles were encoding hidden messages and symbolism into their work.

I hope that this work will signal a flurry of activity on the video front and I do have some interesting projects in the pipeline.

For more on The Beatles and their hidden messages read my book, The Sgt Pepper Code. 


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