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The Sgt Pepper Code - The Reviews

The Sgt Pepper Code - The Reviews

The Sgt Pepper Code has proved to be a huge success and appears to be very popular and is receiving some great reviews, including one from YouTube Paul is Dead legend, Iamaphoney, and I am including some examples here.

"It seems like you have a fair amount of these "unknown to the masses" facts on board which is great, not that all of them are true but they are all little myths in their own rights, really. The book is for me those little doodles and here is a superb talent of getting those little stories to fit and, I must say, the Sgt Pepper cover is a "detailed-eternity" photo, there is always something to find and you, Redwel Trabant, have been doing a great job" - Billy Martin aka Iamaphoney

"I was hooked after reading the first few paragraphs of the introduction. This work is intriguing, absolutely thrilling and wonderfully written. It would be interesting to see the remaining members of the Beatle's reaction to this book. I loved it. I tried, but I couldn't put this book down; I had to keep reading hungry for the information it had to offer."

"I love conspiracies and this is a must read for every mystery enthusiast. After reading this book I was inspired to read my copy of Atlantis by Ignatius Donnelly again. Redwel Trabant is an amazing writer and I look forward to reading more of his work. Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this book together and giving it to us thirsty lovers of intrigue. You have a new admirer and my utmost respect. I really enjoyed this book, although I was surprised at the (on-going) conclusion that was reached. I would never have linked any of those findings with the Beatles."

"Being a Beatles fan, I was aware of the message played backwards, 'Paul is dead' but never in a million years would I have managed to bring together all the items on the album cover into a cohesive coded structure.

Redwel Trabant must have worked for years building up the links between the characters and the real message that the album cover was telling us. I say us, but I'm not sure if I'm one of them or one of us? A masterpiece of sleuth work, comparable to the Da Vinci code." 

"What an amazingly interesting read! The Sgt.Pepper Code takes you on a journey through the facts, rumors, conspiracy theories and legends regarding the infamous Sgt Pepper Beatles album. Redwel Trabant obviously put a lot of time and effort into research for this book as it is evident in every chapter.
Whether you are a Beatles fan or not you will find this book just fascinating."

"Much has been said and written about the Beatles and many a rumor, conspiracy theory, hint and suggestion have surfaced, quietened down and re-surfaced again over the years. Did the real Paul McCartney die in a car accident in 1967, only to be replaced by a lookalike..? (yes, that old one) But the stories surrounding Sgt Pepper and that iconic album sleeve have never failed to fascinate and this is another new and fresh approach to an already well debated subject. I think it's great."

"I have enjoyed Beatles music for years but knew little about the band and the mysteries surrounding them. The title of the book is based on the Beatles bestseller Sgt. Pepper released in June 1967. It was the eighth studio album by the English rock band. Given the critical and commercial success of Sgt. Pepper, it is natural for music aficionados to be intrigued by the myths and conspiracy stories that seem to surround the band and hit albums.
In the brief ebook, the author, Redwel Trabant takes us through several mysteries and legends of the Beatles. In chapter one, the author takes us through the urban legend "Paul is dead" with a detailed analysis of lyrics and key characters including Robert Fraser and Tara Browne. In subsequent chapters, Trabant delves into other mysteries and legends surrounding the Beatles.
An enjoyable read for Beatles fans and casual music lovers alike. "

"There is no denying the influence of the Beatles on pop culture, and on culture in general. It's very difficult to explain why that band -- at that time -- would turn out some of the most memorable and meaningful music of all time. There certainly seems to be a thread of mystery that surrounds the super-celebrities. Music is a primeval means of communication, as it speaks to the subconscious. Art, likewise, can speak on a subconscious level. Who is to say then, that there aren't messages to be decoded in the music and the art surrounding this cultural phenomenon? Whether or not those messages are there on purpose -- or perhaps created through an organic, artistic process, that can't be fully explained -- there is no denying that there is a mystery. This book does a truly great job of shining a spotlight on that mystery, and of providing many details about the album in question and the Beatles in general. Fascinating read!"

"Kudos for the new e-book entitled The Sgt. Pepper Code, by Redwel Trabant. This volume is dedicated to "Beatle fans worldwide," and is must reading for them. More broadly, readers interested in the linkage between cultural influence generally, and the fine arts in particular, with the genre of Rock Music will find this a most enjoyable excursion. Trabant looks deeply and imaginatively into the symbolism inherent in this iconic album, perhaps the finest rock album ever produced in a golden era of rock music.
Trabant describes the album itself, and its extraordinary cover, as a treasure trove of cultural clues. He invites other Beatle fans to join in him in his search for the grail of symbolic meaning hidden in this work, sometimes hidden in plain view. At the highest level, Trabant finds a great amalgam of "Holy Eternals," but his quest for hidden clues covers individual personalities such as H.G. Wells, Francis Bacon, Albert Schweizer, Edgar Allan Poe, and mysterious movements such as the Rosicucian Society, the Knights Templar, and the Masons, dating from biblical times and established in England 600 years ago. Readers also are invited to recall the fast-moving events of the lives of the Beatles, and the biograplhical implications of the curious lyrics in this album at a critical stage in their fragile careers. The old sphinx Francis Bacon, still a Lord Chancellor and keeper of the keys of mystic knowledge, would review Trabant's curious volume with delight." 

"I love the Beatles music but I really knew little about them or the fascinating Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band LP mysteries. You really don't have even be a Beatles fan to appreciate the masterful way Redwel Trabant uncovers clues that captivate the reader. Even if you are their biggest fan, I bet this book will show you something you didn't know. The amount of research the author put into this is both amazing and compelling. A very enjoyable and eye opening read. 
Although the beatles were way before my time. I found this book to be quite interesting and it taught me a lot of things that I did not know or had never even thought about. Great read!! "

"Before I read The Sgt Pepper Code, I thought that The Beatles album, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, was just a great psychedelic album. And yes- without revealing my actual age, I did spin the album backwards to listen to clues about Paul McCartney. So when I picked up this book I was intrigued.
What has this Redwel Trabant discovered? I couldn't wait to find out. I like writing that is dense with secrets and possibilities that lie beneath the surface.

A masterfully researched book, Redwel Trabants's The Sgt Pepper Code, reveals that the album, its lyrics and sleeve design contain clues that reveal a hidden message. The album cover is a treasure map and clue by clue I discovered a myriad of secrets. By following the clues, it's possible to crack a code which was previously unfound since the album's release in the 60's.
Trabant uncovers the clues like an experienced sleuth. From the tip of his fingers to his keyboard, this book is dense with facts. Significant parallels to history of time and place, markers of events, ancient buildings, religious Ley Lines, astrology, monks, nuns, Kings, Queens, apples, pomegranates, rock stars, actresses, poets, artists, paintings, pencil drawings, additions, subtractions, hyacinths, farmhouses and priories, fabrics, colours, myth, temples, statues, and symbols become clues to be read and understood.
Greater knowledge, beyond the lyrics will astound you as the code is revealed.
Masterful and intense- culture, people, history, merge in this iconic book."



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