Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Sgt Pepper Code - Hidden Illuminati Secret Exposed!

What is the Sgt Pepper Code? Did the Beatles have access to hidden knowledge about the origins of Christianity? Were they taught the secrets of the Freemasons? Had they discovered the history of the Knights Templars or the occult connections of the Illuminati to whom they became exposed? Does the inclusion of Aleister Crowley on the record sleeve reveal their satanic black magic – or black magick -  roots?

The artwork for the Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP has become a truly iconic and instantly recognisable image. It invokes the spirit of a generation and captures the moment the world changed.

The Beatles embodied a new sense of creativity, a freedom of mind and the values of a new dawn and they chose to encapsulate all that within the confines of a twelve inch sphere of vinyl and a gatefold sleeve.

Who amongst us hasn’t looked at the cover of that seminal album and wondered who are all these people and why are they there? 

Who hasn’t read the printed lyrics and thought that the Beatles were talking directly to them?
Well, you were right, they were. Encased within the grooves and staring back at you from the sleeve is a remarkable treasure trove of clues and encoded information just waiting to be discovered.

Embark upon this journey and you will discover the remarkable hidden tale of a man who has shaped history, forged nations and shaped religions. A man against who even the Beatles influence pales into insignificance.

You will be astonished at just how much information is concealed within the albums contents. This is a voyage of discovery, of immense secret identities and a tale of hidden religious secrets. 

Put simply, The Sgt Pepper Code is the Rosetta Stone that will allow you to tap into the Holy Grail of Beatle mystery and symbolism.

Read this book and decode the vast quantity of hidden and deliberately obscured information. One thing is guaranteed, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band will never sound the same again!

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