Friday, 25 May 2012

Ram - Percy Thrillington

Paul McCartney's Ram

Originally released in 1971, Ram was met with decidedly mixed reviews. It was McCartney’s second post-Beatles album and the only LP co-credited to his wife Linda.

 It is noticeable also for the musical version that would appear six years under yet another McCartney pseudonym, Percy Thrillington.

Thrillington was also memorable for its groundbreaking, for 1977, pre-viral marketing scheme which involved a series of adverts being placed in the small ads section of the London Evening Standard detailing the exploits of the venerable Mr Thrillington.

So, to mark the release of the deluxe version of Ram, McCartney has been up to his old tricks with a series of internet based gimmicks including various facebook and twitter accounts, a so called, ewetube, channel and various stunts at London Underground stations and the re-appearance of his old friend Percy Thrillington.

Paul McCartney's Ram at Eweston Station

Here is the official Thrillington legend.

Percy Thrillington legend

To mark the event, I have produced my own video, detailing, possibly, the real reason for naming an LP Ram!

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