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Is Percy Thrillington really Tara Browne?

I am wondering if Percy Thrillington isn’t an allusion to Tara Browne?

Firstly, there is more than a passing resemblance in the photo of Percy to Tara.

Percy Thrillington and Tara Browne

Secondly, Percy is portrayed as a high living, moneyed, upper class member of the aristocracy who spends his time gallivanting from one social occasion to another.

Thirdly, both are Irish.

Paul has often harked back to his relationship with Tara Browne, not only with the frequent references to car crashes, but in his artwork – Tara’s plastic skirt – but even too his choice of colours for his coat of arms, gold and black.

As ever, all this is pure supposition, however I have come across this fascinating blog piece that relates to Tara’s wife Nicki. I will repeat it here in full, it is fascinating in that it tempts us with glorious possibilities but ultimately says nothing at all.

 So, I knew Nicki Browne in the 1970's! She lived in a small village in Spain and was part of the Jet Set, real name was Noreen McSherry and was the widow of Tara 'Guinness' Browne (1945-1966) the heir to the beer money who was killed in a car crash in London a couple of years after they were married and she had two sons, with him, and was in a court fight for the two children at the time of his death...she lost the case.. The Guinness family gave her a small income to live on but took away the boys .. she was a Hippie babe par excellence had a string of hot Spanish young .. gigolo's small g teenager/men .. So, the story goes that in 1966 her estranged husband the Hon. Tara Browne who was the son of Oonagh Guinness his mother and father was Dominick Brown 76 years in Parliament. Nicki and Tara were cult figures in the swinging sixty's of psychedelic era London and I do mean CULT!! She was an Irish farmers daughter that secretly married him in 1963 in Paris.. So, he was with another women when his Lotus hit another car maybe he hit a pot hole too and crashed and he was killed but not his new girl friend who was in the car too. Some say Paul McCartney was the occupant of the other car, maybe a conspiracy of some kind.. This was the 1960's the decade that changed the world and it was swinging London and he was on L.S.D.. He was a society luminary in London the 'Hippie Underground' with a propensity for carousing and to be seen, lots of fast women and fast cars. Drugs with Paul McCartney, John Lennon and the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones was a boyfriend, all of that. He sat in on the making of the Beatles record 'Revolver'. They were the beautiful people, rich aristocracy. In Paris his social circle was the likes of Samuel Beckett, Salvador Dali, and Jean Cocteau to name a few ... Lord Foley told me that Nicki had cheated on him with some Italian men and he was hurt by that however it was the swinging 60's .. anyway, the Beatles wrote there most famous song ever at the end of there most famous album ever, "Sargent Pepper's" the song is at the end of the album the last song the whole album some say was full of Illuminati/Freemason symbolism the song is very hauntingly strange and beautiful, especially if you are on L.S.D.. Its called 'A Day in the Life'!! It was about him and the car crash and the way the media distorts reality. He was the dandy of Kings Road Fashion and this became a big myth about the Beatles...were they just another conspiracy, a plot, an illusion, they mesmerized us with there magic spell type thing !! Illuminati/Queen Elizabeth of England, the counter-culture and Magic with a very large M.. A big conspiracy story back then and the topic of many a conversation at my dinner parties .. Tara was involved with Britains first transsexual scandal April Ashley and the other transsexual Amanda Lear who was with Dali. Anita Pallenberg, John Paul Getty the second and Talita .. the effete elite, you name it. Anyway, it is an interesting thread of magic, and spawned the story about Paul McCartney and a body double.. and Nicki did feel guilty, I'm pretty sure of that ... he "blew his mind out in a car" is right John Lennon, but what did you and Paul do.. I met John twice in San Francisco he may of sold out most likely did to the establishment/Illuminati in the beginning to be as rich and famous as he was you have to.. but like JFK and maybe Diana, and maybe Martin L. King he changed his heart/mind and was murdered but now Paul he is still around.. Nicki hung out with all us 'Hippie' types was at the 'Hippie' parties but not so much the High Society ones in fact I never saw her at one of those she was kind of out of that after the scandal she was always at the party of Sara Skinner the chimney sweep heiress with a super cool house.. did not do well in the divorce case, not much income, she lived in a rustic farm house in a small village called Benahavis, Spain, close to Marbella way back in the mountains.. with young Spanish guys.. The thing about looking back is, was this all just a myth or did the 'Beatles' really sell there souls to make it rich and be famous. They sure had me fooled !!........

Tara Browne Montage
I have blatantly stolen the image above from a Spanish? website, however they have stolen plenty of my Penthouse images so I guess that makes us even? At least I give them a link - not sure the page says anything of interest, however if someone cares to translate that would be great!

UPDATE: As of today, June 20, 2012 I have come across an obituary for Nicky Browne which I shall repeat below - Another of the original cast members now sadly gone!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Noreen Anne Browne (c1943-2012)

Noreen Anne (Nicky) Browne, who has died at Marbella, Spain, aged 69, was the widow of the Guinness heir the Hon Tara Browne (1945-66), after whose death in a car crash in 1966 the Beatles were inspired to write the song 'A Day in the Life'.

She was born circa 1943 a daughter of Sean MacSherry and married Tara Browne, scion of the Barons Oranmore & Browne, in 1963. She leaves 2 sons from the marriage, Dorian (b 1963) and Julian (b 1965).

Her husband's mother was Guinness heiress Oonagh, Lady Oranmore & Browne, scion of the Earls of Iveagh, &c.

Tara and Nicky Browne

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