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All our Yesterdays

I include a link to a document entitled ‘Respectable Hypnosis’ written by the erstwhile physician, and sometime landlord and potential Father-in-Law of Paul McCartney, Dr Richard Asher.

Regular readers of my diatribes will be familiar with my assertion that Dr Asher, and his music teacher wife Margaret, may have implanted the tune to Yesterday (Yesterday incidentally is the world’s most covered song with some 2,200 versions) directly into the sleeping mop-topped head of McCartney. Now, quite clearly this I can’t prove, however, given McCartney’s oft repeated tale of how the song, unlike any others in his long career, came to him fully formed in a dream it does seem distinctly possible.

The paper mentioned above confirms Dr Asher’s interest in, and experiments with, hypnotism and, given Mrs Asher’s status as an oboe professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and having taught Beatles producer Sir George Martin, it bears further examination.

Mrs Asher died in 2011, aged 97, after which a Just Giving donation page was created by her offspring. The page seems to have attracted a couple of very interesting patrons.

So, is it at all possible that the Asher’s could have actually achieved this form of song transference?

Well we do know that Dr William Sargant was operating what he called his ‘sleep-room’ for 10 years from 1963 – 73 at the Royal Waterloo Hospital and that he was experimenting with ‘Deep Sleep Therapy’.  The purpose of this ‘Deep Sleep Therapy’ was to re-pattern the brain of his patients in an attempt to cure them of various ailments. Now, clearly re-patterning means brainwashing in any language and plainly Sargant saw sleep as the ideal vehicle with which to conduct this, so called, re-patterning.

Let us consider one paragraph from the Daily Mail’s Sargant article linked to above: Sargant's methods were simple: electric-shock treatment and insulin-induced comas leading to continuous narcosis, or deep-sleep therapy, complete with tape-recorded 'brainwashing' orders being played at the patients from beneath their pillows.

Could the Asher’s have used a similar method?

Let us also consider that the Asher’s Wimpole Street residency is conveniently located just a short stroll from Harley Street; home to London’s finest medical practices.

I have been told informally, (i.e. this could be a total load of bollocks) that Dr’s Asher, Sargant and Emmanuel Miller (father of the playwright Jonathan Miller) were involved at this time in some less than legal Harley Street conducted, Government sponsored experimentations into the human mind and how it responds to chemical stimulation.

This same source also insists that William Sargant was somewhat of an outsider in this field, due largely to his not being involved in occult circles and because he was not a natural psychic; unlike Asher and Miller. However, I must stress this is only word of mouth and cannot be substantiated. 

The above image is taken from the book In Two Minds: a Biography of Jonathan Miller (a title which in itself reveals quite a lot) and mentions the dreaded term Tavistock, though one should point out it does refer to the clinic rather than the institute, however, it serves to point us toward a certain mind-set and, this alone, would seem to confirm the validity of my source’s assertion.

Certainly Asher, Miller and Sargant were key players in this science of the mind and Sargant has been linked to the CIA’s MKUltra programme. Sargant has also been linked to the MOD’s Porton Down test facilities where it is known that LSD testing took place. Now this is interesting because it allows us to form a correlation with what happened to Frank Olson, a US Army bio-weapons expert, in 1953 in America. 

Olson had been used as a guinea pig for LSD testing and in his case we know this to be true because the Americans have admitted it and, indeed, President Gerald Ford apologised for it. Sadly for Frank Olson this admission came too late because he had sadly committed ‘suicide’ after falling from a hotel window just a few short weeks after the LSD experiments had taken place.

Now why might Olson have done this? Well, earlier in 1953 Olson had visited the aforementioned Porton Down facilities in the UK where he had apparently witnessed some "extreme interrogations" in which "the CIA committed murder" using biological agents Olson had developed. Furthermore one ‘William Sargent grew concerned that Olson "had serious misgivings related to those murders and might therefore pose a security risk," and so recommended to his superiors that Olson no longer be granted access to classified research facilities in Britain’.

Clearly Olson knew too much.

Now, I was reminded of something when I read the description of Olson’s ‘suicide’, namely the death of Kevin MacDonald, who in 1966 had opened, as one of the joint owners, Sibylla’s nightclub, along with Terry Howard and Bruce Higham in London. George Harrison is often also quoted as another joint owner, as is Tara Browne, and one assumes their involvement was primarily for the benefit of their kudos and contacts. 

MacDonald was the great-Nephew of Lord Northcliffe. Northcliffe ‘was a British newspaper and publishing magnate. As owner of the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror, he exercised vast influence over British popular opinion’.

This noble heritage decrees MacDonald’s birth as worthy of a mention on the Peerage website which describes itself as: A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe. In other words it is a register of inbred, British snobs. Sadly, despite it having occurred nigh on 50 years ago, Peerage seems unaware of MacDonald’s death. Perhaps this was because his death occurred on a lowly council estate?

I digress, however. Fast forward a year to October 1967 and we find that young Kevin had tired, it seems, of being a finger-clicking young advertising executive with his own celebrity packed nightclub and had decided to throw himself out of the window of a block of flats that was not his own.

Ok, so we have Olson falling out of a hotel window and MacDonald similarly falling out of some random window in Chelsea and both being officially ruled suicide. Surely, if one had a huge urge to defenestrate oneself one would do so from the comfort of one’s own window?

Now in MacDonald’s case the newspaper clippings from the time make for interesting reading.

The clipping above claims that the coroner had stated: ‘The dead man had been suffering very much “from a psychological disturbance, more than was apparent to anyone.”’ Now, hold on a minute Quincy, how the hell did you deduce that from a mangled corpse? 

The answer of course is that he had some expert medical opinion from which to call upon. Later in the article we are informed that this was MacDonald’s second suicide attempt; the first being a failed attempt to utilise the time-honoured method of overdosing on sleeping tablets. And who tells us this? Allow me to introduce you to one Dr Stanford Bourne.

Great name, but what can Google tell us about Dr Bourne?

Well, it would appear that not only is Dr Bourne still with us but he is Mr rent-a-witness too.

It gets better though; what about this from the Sydney Morning Herald, July 27, 1972:

The guy is Tavistock! Ok, clinic again rather than institute but is this not just too convenient? Both organisations, ultimately, evolved from the same loins and here we have a Tavistock ‘expert’ pontificating on the mental health of an alleged suicide victim.

A suicide victim who was, the newspaper claims: “more depressed than he had been before.” At least this was the testimony of one Fritz Shulenberg, who backs this up with the contradictory claim that there had been “nothing unusual about him” and that he had appeared “reasonably well”. Confused? Yes, me too.

Now a quick google search for Fritz Shulenberg reveals little, however, a sneaky peek at the top right hand corner of the Peerage screen-grab reveals the name Von Der Schulenburg. All of which leads me to believe that Fritz Shulenberg is actually Fritz Von Der Schulenburg. Which means MacDonald and Schulenburg were related. Incidentally, Fritz Schulenburg’s namesake and relation was famous for being actively involved in an assassination attempt upon Adolf Hitler as part of Operation Valkyrie. Given that Lord Northcliffe's (MacDonald’s great-uncle) younger brother Harold Harmsworth was a supporter of Hitler in the 1930’s it offers the tantalising suggestion that he perhaps had a change of heart and had been possibly involved in this conspiracy against Hitler. This though is way beyond the scope of this post.

However, it does concern me that this relation of MacDonald seems to contradict himself. MacDonald was either depressed or not. Indeed, the reports of ‘schizophrenic breakdowns’ does beg the question about possible regular LSD usage?

I have question marks too about the ‘fingerprints’ paragraph. Now I have never considered throwing myself from an open window, however, were I about to, I assume I would firstly ease myself into a sitting position on the window ledge, or, somewhat less feasibly, take a running leap, headfirst, through the open window. I cannot imagine that I would clamber into a position where I was literally hanging by my fingertips from the ledge before releasing myself at my leisure. No, that sounds like the actions of someone who has either been physically forced out of the window and is clinging on for dear life, or, who is hiding from someone. 

All of which brings us squarely to one David Litvinoff. Litvinoff is a character I have written about before; in 2012 I wrote: Litvinoff was a colourful character who was well known in the London underworld as well as that of swinging London. He was, like Brian [Epstein], homosexual and a massive gambler. He was rumoured to have been a former lover of Ronnie Kray, however what is certain is that, after accumulating huge gambling debts Ronnie and Reggie Kray paid him a visit which involved tying him up by his feet and inserting a sword into his mouth. Ronnie then forced the sword into his mouth, cutting him from cheek to cheek and leaving him with a permanent ‘joker like’ smile.

Litvinoff entered the circle of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones through his association with Robert Fraser and Christopher Gibbs. Indeed Litvinoff would play a major part in the film ‘Performance’ starring Mick Jagger and James Fox, when he was employed by the director Donald Cammell as a ‘voice coach’. This apparently was a euphemism and his real role was to immerse Fox totally into the London gangland scene so as to prepare him for his role as a gangster.

Now Litvinoff was also present in the immediate aftermath of The Rolling Stones Redlands bust and Litvinoff’s Wikipedia entry recalls this tantalising titbit; “After the bust, no one knew who had fingered them. David Litvinoff applied some of his East End methods to see who was culpable". Nicky Kramer, a member of the trendy Chelsea set, immediately came under suspicion and Litvinoff and hard-man John Bindon interrogated him fairly roughly before deciding that he was not the man they were looking for. Supposedly, they held him out of a window by his ankles.”

They held him out of a window by his ankles; could a similar fate have befallen young Kevin MacDonald? Well, MacDonald and Kramer were both members of the burgeoning ‘Chelsea Set’ and, courtesy of Litvinoff’s Wikipedia entry we discover that Litvinoff and Kramer used to live together at The Pheasantry. In the book ‘Diary of a Teddy Boy’ by Mim Scala we get an extended version of the Kray story I quote above: 

In fact the punishment has become so iconic it appears it has been recreated in a forthcoming movie about the Krays. 

A movie whose release date will, no doubt, resonate with conspiracy theorists!


So Litvinoff learnt the trick via his own punishment at the hands of the Krays and their henchmen.

It has been suggested that in order to pay off the gambling debt to Ronnie Kray Litvinoff gave Kray the lease on a flat in Ashburn Gardens in Kensington that Litvinoff owned with his live-in lover Bobby Buckley. It appears the three all occupied the flat in the smart neighbourhood for the next 18 months with Litvinoff arranging a non-stop supply of rough trade, primarily emanating from the environs of the Kray owned nightclub/gambling den Esmeralda’s Barn. 

Litvinoff, ultimately, would join the ranks of those who kill themselves by an overdose of sleeping pills (Brian Epstein, Stephen Ward) at the then home of Christopher Gibbs and the now home of Bob Geldof.


Esmeralda’s Barn was managed by Kray associate Laurie O’Leary who would go directly from this job to managing Sibylla’s nightclub, owned, of course, by Kevin MacDonald.


I am going to quote again from my previous piece about Sibylla’s: In the book ‘Comfortably Numb: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd’ by Mark Blake a story is told of Dave Gilmour’s pre-Floyd days in London trying to cadge a record deal with his then band, Jokers Wild...“The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein hadn’t offered the band a deal, but future DJ and musician Jonathan King, then a student at Cambridge University saw them and invited Gilmour to London….’Jonathan King noticed Dave at this club,’ recalls Rick Wills now. ‘He hung out where there were good-looking boys, but he was also on the lookout for musical talent. I went to Jonathan’s flat in London with Dave. He was on the phone talking to someone about getting a song on Radio Caroline, and it happened right while we were there. We were like, wow! We knew someone in the music business who had real power.’”

 Through this contact with King the band hooked up with a guy called Jean-Paul Salvatori…”Nevertheless, under Salvatori’s guidance, the band where whisked down the King’s Road, kitted out in bell-bottomed, sailor’s trousers and blue Shetland jumpers, and put on stage at Sybillas nightclub in Swallow Street, where they immediately attracted attention. ‘We were tasty young boys in tight trousers, so we were prime fodder,’ says Rick. ‘The chef took a particular shine to me, chasing us round the kitchen with a meat cleaver.’”


In the course of my research for this piece I was told by a fellow researcher about a YouTube video in which Jonathan King implies that Epstein – a man with his own massive gambling debts – was partial to younger boys as well. Now, the YouTube clip has long since disappeared and everything I have read about Epstein has implied that he preferred strong, rough men who could knock him about a bit, but it illustrates a definite propensity that these high-profile men had to place themselves into positions from where they could be blackmailed.

And, just to add this heady brew we should also consider that Sibylla’s resident DJ was another suspected paedophile Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman and it begins to appear that Sibylla’s may well have been hijacked by the London underworld to act as a front for a sex-trafficking ring.

Could it be that Kevin MacDonald became aware of this of vile practice and wanted to do something about it? Given MacDonald’s advertising background and newspaper magnate heritage it would have been relatively simple for him to bring this into the public domain, so was he murdered to keep him quiet?

Or, could it be that Sibylla’s was operating as a centre for an LSD trafficking network?

If it was you can bet your bottom dollar that Litvinoff would have been involved so, in order to complete the circle we need to be able to provide a link between Litvinoff and LSD and, what do you know, we can do just that.

Operation Julie was the code name for the police operation to bust a British based LSD production factory based in the tiny Welsh village of Llanddewi Brefi. Now where do you imagine that Litvinoff, this hard-living, hard-drinking, heavy-gambling lifelong Londoner should suddenly rock up to in 1969, yes, you guessed it, Llanddewi Brefi.

Now, to be fair, there is no hard evidence to connect Litvinoff to this Welsh LSD factory however, it does stretch credulity to breaking point to believe that he was not involved in some way. Litvinoff left the village in 1969, having been tipped off about police interest in his cottage and the famous visitors to it.

 Other, far better, researchers than I have linked the Operation Julie participants to the notorious Brotherhood of Eternal Love and, in particular, to one Ronald Stark. According to these claims Stark was a probable CIA operative with possible links to MKUltra and to Tavistock.

Indeed, claims made on this site state that the proceeds from the Welsh acid farms were used to fund the free festival movement in the UK. Essentially, and inspired by earlier events such as the Monterey Pop Festival, of whom one of the organisers was Beatles and Apple press officer Derek Taylor, the purpose of these events was to provide outlets to distribute LSD.

One of the festivals inspired by the free festival movement was Glastonbury. Nowadays, as with anything set-up by hippies, (Richard Branson being the perfect case in point) Glastonbury has sold its soul to the corporate devil. In reality this is hardly surprising if we take the time to consider its history.

One of the guiding lights of Glastonbury’s incarnation, and the man who designed the famous pyramid stage, was Andrew Kerr.

Kerr had been working as a P.A. to Randolph Churchill (son of Winston) when he met Randolph’s daughter Arabella. Between them they convinced land-owner Michael Eavis to embrace the ethos of the free festival movement and to provide a place of worship for the hippies to escape ‘The Man’.

Which seems a somewhat alien move for two doyens of the British Establishment, unless, of course, the purpose was really about entrapping a generation into LSD inspired subservience?

Far-fetched? Well, we have the links to organised crime via Litvinoff and we have the links via Ronald Stark and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love back to a CIA funded plot to flood the world with LSD, and we know through MKUltra that the CIA considered LSD as a possible tool for mind-control.

From this we also know that the CIA developed Project Monarch alters. These were primarily Delta alters (the trained assassins) and Beta alters, who were used to sell sex as a tool. A prime example of this, although not necessarily a Monarch mind-control victim, was Pamela Digby.

Pamela was married to the aforementioned Randolph Churchill and was, according to this site, being effectively whored by her Father-in-Law Winston in order that she may share with him the pillow talk of her lovers. To quote from the site: Marital fidelity is a concept foreign to Pamela. Pamela was having sexual affairs with 50 year old men from the point when she reached puberty. Most of these men were billionaires. Twenty year old Pamela began her sexual flirtation with 50 year old Averill Harriman while she was married to the son of Winston Churchill during World War II. Pretty patriotic --- huh? Randolph Churchill never recovered from the humiliation of this very out in the open affair and thereafter became a lifelong hopeless drunk.

W. Averell Harriman was a former US Ambassador to the UK and shared with Winston Churchill not just bedroom secrets but also an osteopath. This osteopath was named Stephen Ward, the man who nearly brought down the British Government due to his involvement in the so called Profumo affair. Ward lived in Wimpole Mews, just off Wimpole Street where the Asher’s lived and opposite Harley Street.

Ward was also a Monarch mind controller who operated a hareem of female honeytrap agents.

Harley Street was where Winston Churchill’s doctor had his practice. His name was Charles Wilson, later Lord Moran. Lord Moran was also involved in Porton Down (where his wife worked) and was the mentor of one Dr William Sargant and, according to this site, it was Moran, Sargant and Tavistock Institute founder John Rawlings Rees that accompanied Hitler’s deputy, Rudolph Hess, to his trial at Nuremburg following Hess’s bizarre flight to Scotland in 1941. Now Wikipedia disputes Sargants involvement in this trip but what is certain is that Rawlings Rees was also interested in eugenics , along, it seems, with half the cast of the Sgt. Pepper sleeve. 

If we return to In Two Minds: a Biography of Jonathan Miller we will see that another member of the Eugenics Society was fellow Tavistockian Emanuel Miller;

Now eugenics, without getting into the moral minefield that comes with it, is essentially a method of improving and refining the human species. One could argue, depending on your view of what defines an improvement, that mind-control would form a part of eugenics, particularly if those improvements included a necessity for a nice, compliant, human. Alchemy for the twentieth century perhaps? We know the Nazis intensively studied eugenics and it is reasonable to assume that Hess would have had considerable knowledge of this. We now also know that LSD was considered as the chosen delivery method for mass mind-control in the sixties.

It is interesting in the extreme that the first celebrity in the UK to act as a spokesperson for the drug was Paul McCartney; the Beatle with the least experience of LSD.

So, was Yesterday artificially inseminated into the head of Paul McCartney? Short of a written confession by Dr Asher appearing it is unlikely we will ever know, however, I believe I have demonstrated a potential link through Asher and his Harley Street colleagues to a covert form of human manipulation that is on-going to this day.

Could the Beatle’s backed Sibylla’s nightclub have been an induction centre for this manipulation?

Here is an interesting Kevin MacDonald quote (highlighted):

So, could the Beatles have been mind-control victims? Well I would not be the first to propose it. Former MI6 intelligence officer John Coleman claimed, in his book The Committee of 300, that The Beatles were a psychological operation run by the Tavistock Institute.

Certainly some of the information I offer here would seem to support that supposition but I struggle with Coleman’s claim that The Beatles music was written for them by Theo Adorno or that they were at the vanguard of some left-wing, satanic uprising designed to corrupt the world’s youth, destroy Christianity and promote homosexuality.

Indeed, with hindsight, it is clear to see that The Beatles and their ilk posed little or no threat to the future of humanity. Sites like this one purport that The Beatles were Illuminati puppets that were created to help usher in the New World Order, however, it strikes me that if anything they served to distract the masses whilst global Governments, the real puppets of the New World Order, offloaded their responsibilities wholesale to corporate entities.

In the twenty-first century it is these corporate behemoths that wield the true power as we individuals have stood idle, glued to our mobile distraction devices, whilst our rights have been eroded by our so-called democratic governments right before our eyes. Maybe PID is just another strata of this mass-distraction device?

And so are The Beatles complicit in this? Well I don't think George and Ringo were but if Paul and John were MK’ed then I suspect they were innocent victims. Collateral damage in the NWO agenda perhaps?

It is pertinent, I feel, that many of the persistent Paul is Dead rumours circulate around the date November 9, 1966. Whilst I don’t believe for one minute that McCartney died then, or at any time since for that matter, it could well indicate the time at which he was MK’ed.

Assuming for a minute that he had proved susceptible to mind-control with the programming of Yesterday into his head then is it possible that during the November 1966 period he was re-patterned?

On November 6, 1966, he left England for France where he spent six days travelling, seemingly alone, before meeting up with Beatles roadie Mal Evans on the 12th in Bordeaux. 

In the link above McCartney recalls the disguise he wore on this trip: “They measure you and match the colour of your hair, so it was like a genuine moustache with real glue. And I had a couple of pairs of glasses made with clear lenses, which just made me look a bit different. I put a long blue overcoat on and slicked my hair back with Vaseline and just wandered around and of course nobody recognised me at all. It was good, it was quite liberating for me”.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a photograph of this disguise?

Before returning to the UK on November 19, they went to Spain and Italy and then on to Kenya where, according to Mal Evans, McCartney had a bit too much sun and was unwell for a couple of days. 

Could this have been for a bit of fine tuning perhaps?

Did a good job in Nairobi!

I have examined before the varying tales of how John Lennon met Yoko but it must be significant that this meeting also took place, allegedly, on November 9, 1966, when McCartney is conveniently abroad. Lennon, it should be remembered, had just returned from Spain, where he had been with Neil Aspinall, filming the movie ‘How I Won the War’.

Aspinall was a key player in providing elements of The Beatles phoney history (the false rumour article being a case in point) and contributed to the Beatles Monthly Book as Billy Shepherd.

So could Aspinall have supervised Lennon’s mind-control before handing him over to Yoko to act as his handler? We should remember that this occurs immediately after the ‘Bigger than Jesus’ furore and the band’s decision to stop touring; a decision that perhaps John felt the most keenly.

Is it coincidence that Roman Polanski was rumoured to have been at the Indica Gallery on the opening night of Yoko’s exhibition and was also on the reserve guest list for the opening night of Sibylla’s nightclub?

Ultimately, I offer mere supposition, however, it is truly strange how much synchronicity there seems to be in all these stories. Circles within circles!
 More Sibylla's info:

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