Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A is for Apple

A is for Apple is the name of a new book that, in the words of its authors, aims to offer “…the most complete story of Apple and the people involved ever assembled as well as a saga of the final Beatles years and formative solo years.”

The books home page, borrowing from John Lennon, offers this tantalising tag line; ‘A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words.’

The website offers some advance pages, one of which touches on one of my favourite subjects, when John met Yoko. Of real interest is that the books authors state that the date of this fateful meeting was November 7, 1966, rather than the oft-quoted November 9. Furthermore, they confirm that it was John Dunbar who contacted Lennon urging him to come down, despite Lennon having only arrived back in the country, having been in Spain filming ‘How I Won the War’, the day before.

The book also confirms that Miss ‘I never heard of the Beatles’ Ono had not only met McCartney, the book cites the date of their meeting as September 5, 1966, the day John flew out to Spain, but that she had had contact with Brian Epstein as he had booked her to appear at the Saville Theatre.

We have to ask the obvious questions; why is she so adamant that she had never heard of the Beatles? And why does the date of the 9th November always get quoted?

Another interesting snippet concerns a deal done by Terry Doran, the used-car salesman, that resulted in him selling the rights to George Harrison’s songs to Terry Melcher for nothing.

Hopefully the published book will reveal plenty more nuggets.

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